Actingliketommy bashed for promoting G Fuel in a video “honoring” his deceased mother

Image via Actingliketommy, Twitter
Image via Actingliketommy, Twitter
Rishabh B.

Fortnite professional Tommy “Actingliketommy” Harrington posted a video “honoring” his mother.

Actingliketommy is a Fortnite eSports player who recently participated in the Trios Cash Cup from the North America West region. On 25 June 2021, the streamer announced on Twitter that his mother had passed away that morning, and thanked people for the messages of support.

In May 2021, global energy and sports drink company G Fuel signed Actingliketommy, which he announced via the following video. Regardless, the streamer has come under scrutiny for posting a G Fuel promotion as part of a tweet honoring the recent passing of his mother.

Actingliketommy gets criticized for posting G Fuel promotion as part of tweet honoring his mother

Before his mother unfortunately passed away, Actingliketommy had posted on Twitter informing fans that she was sick. The streamer encouraged people to use their lives for love and thanked his fans for their support.

On 5 August 2021, the streamer teased a “video-ad” that he had shot to honor his mother’s passing.

Regardless, as can be seen, the tweet in question was not well-received by fans, who thought the post was inappropriate. People claimed that a video created to “honor” his mother’s death should not include a promotion for a company at the same time.

A number of fans and Twitter users criticized Actingliketommy, and called the promotion “disgusting.” The streamer himself chose to respond to the criticism, and stated that the theme of the advertisement was “the journey to honor someone important.”

He hit back at the massive uproar and labeled all his fans "stupid" for criticizing him. The Fortnite Pro didn't stop there as he further lambasted them for failing to promote their own brands.

Actingliketommy also claimed that his mother’s death could be seen as evidence of how important the “journey” was, and claimed that he was lucky to find G Fuel, a company that believed in him. Regardless, hordes of Twitter users did not seem to agree with the streamer.

Actingliketommy claims to be the oldest professional Fortnite player at the age of 52. He currently has 564k followers on Twitch along with 75.9k subscribers on YouTube. The streamer also plays other games such as Valorant and Minecraft.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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