Addison Rae called out for playing Among Us with Corpse Husband, Quackity, and more

Addison Rae was recently called out on Twitter
Addison Rae was recently called out on Twitter
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

TikTok sensation Addison Rae is facing criticism online after she became the latest celebrity to join the Among Us bandwagon.

The 20-year old had recently teased the possibility of an Among Us stream after she jokingly stated that she "sucked at the game:"

Soon after her post triggered a wave of speculation online, an official Among Us lobby featuring prominent streamers and internet personalities was created amid much fanfare:

However, excitement soon gave way to disappointment, as several from the online community took offense to Addison Rae's presence in the lobby.

From leveling allegations of racism towards her to labeling her "problematic," Twitter was soon flooded with a barrage of tweets calling out Addison Rae for her seemingly problematic behavior.

What did Addison Rae do? Twitter calls out TikTok star over past allegations


Addison Rae is undoubtedly one of the biggest TikTok sensations in the world today. However, she has often been called out for her actions and questionable remarks related to race, homophobia, and eating disorders.

Two of the most significant controversies surrounding her are a TikTok video to the song "Prom Queen" by Beach Bunny that allegedly promotes eating disorders. The second clip sees her telling fellow TikToker Kio Cyr to controversially "say the N-word."


Due to these problematic actions, a large part of the online community continues to call her out. Several Dream and Corpse Husband fans criticized the Among Us lobby featured her as a result.

Here are some of the reactions:

As the hate began to reach toxic levels, a section of the online community attempted to take a more neutral stance. They denounced exhibiting harmful behavior towards Addison Rae in a public lobby:

With the internet sorely divided over her recent appearance in Among Us, it seems like her alleged problematic past behavior continues to touch a raw nerve with a majority of the online community.

In light of all the hate that she has been receiving recently, Addison Rae took to Twitter to share the following post:

This has resulted in a wave of support from her fans, as they denounced her recent criticism.

While calling out someone for their inappropriate actions is wholly justified, perhaps it is the manner of displaying excessive toxicity when doing so that is certainly debatable in today's digital age.

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