After collaboration with Marvel, Fortnite might team up with DC to bring Batman to the battle royale

Could fans see Harly Quinn in Fortnite again? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Could fans see Harly Quinn in Fortnite again? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nakul Ahuja

Reports have surfaced suggesting that a Fortnite x DC crossover is on the horizon. According to credible Fortnite leakers, the DC x Fortnite Zero Point Mini Series will begin on April 20th, which will feature six different comics.

Each comic will have a unique code that players will need to locate and redeem to grab in-game items. If reports are to be believed, the first issue will include a new Rebirth Harly Quinn Skin Code.

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Collecting all six DC x Fortnite comics and redeeming their codes will give players an opportunity to flaunt a new Batman skin, called 'Armored Batman Zero.'

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Each comic will cost $4.99 (β‚Ή367.25), totaling $29.94 (β‚Ή2203.48) for all six.

Not the first time DC has collaborated with Fortnite

Flash and Green Arrow skins have been available in Fortnite previously. Players had a chance to win the former by partaking in the Flash Cup earlier this month.

Even though several skins have been available in-game, a collaboration with DC has always generated a lot of anticipation.

Fans hoped that after a full Marvel-themed season, they would get a better idea of when they could witness a collaboration with DC.

Season 6 is going to come around in March and will last for at least ten weeks. The season might end with the start of Fortnite's collaboration with DC.

There is no official word from Epic Games yet. Even though a collaboration with DC is possibly on the horizon, the devs might tweak a few elements to make things more interesting, as always.

Fortnite, over the last couple of years, has seen some magnificent crossovers. With how things are shaping up, 2021 has kicked off in a similar fashion.

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