Albedo's ascension materials in Genshin Impact: Farming locations with interactive map

Albedo has almost returned in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
Albedo has almost returned in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 2.3 will feature the return of Albedo, with the genius alchemist from Mondstadt having his first rerun banner. Many have long awaited Albedo's return, and he looks to be even more powerful thanks to several buffs coming to this update.

Albedo will be receiving a powerful new weapon, alongside an incredible new Artifact set. Ascending this character is pretty simple as all of his necessary materials can be gathered now, and they're not too hard to find.

Players can find out where to get all of Albedo's ascension materials here.

Genshin Impact: Where to find Albedo's ascension materials

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Albedo will be arriving shortly, as Genshin Impact 2.3 is set to launch very soon. Players who plan on wishing for Albedo will definitely want to gather these materials soon, or even after they get him as none of them are too hard to acquire. Albedo will need these items to ascend to level 90:

  • 168x Cecilia
  • 18x Divining Scrolls
  • 30x Sealed Scrolls
  • 36x Forbidden Cursed Scrolls
  • 46x Basalt Pillars
  • 1x Privitha Topaz Sliver
  • 9x Privitha Topaz Shard
  • 9x Privitha Topaz Chunk
  • 6x Privitha Topaz Gemstone


Luckily for those who plan to ascend their Albedo, Cecilias are some of the easiest flowers to farm in the game. Unfortunately, there are only so many that a player can gather in a single day.

Almost all of the Cecilias in the game can be found on a single mountain in Mondstadt. While there aren't enough to get in a single day to ascend Albedo to 90, fans can definitely ask their friends or random players if they can gather these flowers in their worlds. With only a few characters utilizing them, it would be easy to get a ton.

Curse scrolls


Players can utilize farming routes to gather tons of resources in Genshin Impact, and Albedo will need Scrolls from Hilichurls to ascend. This route gives players an easy way to get a ton of Scrolls.

Hilichurls are super plentiful in Genshin, and finding the Shamans that are needed for these scrolls won't be hard at all.

Basalt Pillars and Privitha Topaz

kaeya really out here carrying me through the geo hypostasis

Both of these materials can be farmed from the Geo Hypostasis in Liyue. This boss is relatively easy to defeat as long as players bring a character to destroy its pillars.

This can be achieved by any character wielding a claymore, or by utilizing Zhongli's shield skill. Klee can also make quick work of this boss, and collecting the rewards is simply a matter of spending the required resin.

Ascending Albedo in Genshin Impact isn't too tough, and fans will be rewarded with a powerful Geo character who only looks to improve in update 2.3.

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