All 83 Lumenspar locations in Genshin Impact: Complete map exploration guide

There are currently 83 of them (Image via miHoYo)
There are currently 83 of them (Image via miHoYo)
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According to miHoYo's official interactive map, there are 83 Lumenspar spawns in Genshin Impact. Thankfully, Travelers can use this interactive map to spot them all, which will help them upgrade their Lumenstone Adjuvant to Level 10. Some of the benefits of having a high Lumenstone Adjuvant include:

  • Various rewards (such as a Crown of Insight, a new Namecard, and Talent Level-Up materials)
  • More energy that can be stored in the Lumenstone Adjuvant
  • More range on Blooming Light
  • Blooming Light CD reduction
  • Can regain stamina after using Blooming Light

A complete interactive map can be found in the hyperlink below:

All Lumenspar locations in Genshin Impact's The Chasm

A map full of all Lumenspar locations in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
A map full of all Lumenspar locations in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Travelers need 80 Lumenspar in total to max out their Lumenstone Adjuvant (alongside three Lumenstone Ore); it costs eight of them per level up. The above image is a wide screenshot full of all 83 locations (according to miHoYo).

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Genshin Impact players are advised to use the earlier hyperlink to the interactive map to get a clearer look at each individual location. Doing so will allow them to zoom in and pan the map whenever necessary.

Note: It's recommended to progress through The Chasm Delvers quest series in order to unlock the entire map for the underground mines.

Farming route

ALL 80 Lumenspar Locations with optimised route~ (1/3) ALL Chasm Guides

Genshin Impact content creator, TakaGG, is well known for creating several helpful video guides and infographics. In this case, TakaGG created a farming route on Twitter, with numbers near each location for the reader's convenience. Players don't have to follow this route, but it is an alternative to relying on an interactive map.

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ALL 80 Lumenspar Locations with optimised route~ (2/3) ALL Chasm Guides

Collecting 80 Lumenspars will take Travelers a while. Even if they're efficient, it can take them approximately an hour to collect everything. Casual gamers following along might have to invest longer, although acquiring all 80 will be useful for exploring the underground mines.

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Those in red require Level 6 gadget ^_^ (3/3)ALL Chasm Guides

Some of these locations will require players to get a Level 6 Lumensteon Adjuvant to collect them. However, these areas are at the end of the farming route, so Travelers should already be around Level 9 by this point. They should know that they only need 80 to upgrade their Lumenstone Adjuvant to its max level.

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Minor notes about Lumenspars in Genshin Impact


Not every single one of them can be collected just because the player knows their location. A prime example of that is the one associated with the "Den of Thieves" achievement. To get that one, Genshin Impact players have to:

  • Obtain two Treasure Map Fragments (one of which requires Undetected Infiltration to be completed)
  • Go to a specific location in the overworld near Tiangong Gorge and Glaze Peak
  • Burn down the hay there and enter the trapdoor

Similarly, there are two located near the flipped buildings that require progress in the Archon Quest. Remember, to collect Lumenspars, merely walk into them like other Oculi in this game.

As there are currently 83 spawns, Travelers don't have to collect every single one of them to max out their Lumenstone Adjuvant.

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