All Ahri mini-rework updates coming in League of Legends patch 12.3

Extensive Ahri updates on the cards for League of Legends patch 12.3 (Image via League of Legends)
Extensive Ahri updates on the cards for League of Legends patch 12.3 (Image via League of Legends)
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League of Legends resident Nine-tailed Fox Ahri will be receiving an extensive number of updates to her kit in patch 12.3

As it’s not outright a nerf or a buff that is coming her way, many in the community consider it to be a mini-rework that will lean into her identity as a “mobility mage”.

We've got an Ahri refresh going to PBE soon for feedbackGoals:-Lean into her mobile mage identity by allowing R to partially reset, giving her more opportunities to carry fights-Passive reworked to be more useful throughout the game-Make her spells feel better to cast in lane

In a recent Twitter post, Riot’s August Browning, champion designer in League of Legends, opened up about some of the crucial aspects of the Ahri changes that fans can expect two weeks from now.

League of Legends patch 12.3 will see massive Ahri updates

An encounter with an ancient force unleashes a young scholar’s hidden power.

One of the biggest highlights of her mini-rework is her passive which is getting changed entirely and will be tied directly to her ultimate, Spirit Fire, which too is receiving massive updates.

From League of Legends patch 12.3 onwards Ahri’s passive will allow her to collect “Essence Fragments” from enemy minions and monsters that will heal her for 40 to 120 HP plus 25 percent of her ability power. She will also get a good chunk of her health back every time she takes down an enemy champion.


Spirit Fire, on the other hand, will feed off of her passive and gain extra charges as well as duration extensions every time Ahri consumes the essence of an enemy champion.

Moreover, the rest of her abilities will also be receiving minor tweaks to go with her new Passive and Ultimate, as Riot Games will be trying to balance her and bring her back to the competitive meta during the season 12 Spring Split.

All tentative Ahri changes coming in League of Legends patch 12.3

1) Buffs

Ahri's 'W'

  • Damage: 40-140 >>> 60-160
  • Mana Cost: 45 >>> 25
  • Flame Duration: 5s >>> 2.5s
  • MS duration: 1.5s >>> 2s
  • Updated last hitting logic and cleaned up VFX

Ahri's 'R'

  • Duration: 10s >>> 15s
  • New: Consuming a champion's Essence with Essence Theft (P) while Spirit Rush is active extends its recast duration by up to 10s and grants an additional cast of Spirit Rush (up to 3 stored).
  • Cleaned up VFX and added Ammo Bar icons (currently placeholder)

2) Nerfs

  • Base Stats Health: 526 + 92/lvl >>> 480 + 82/lv/
  • Health Regen: 5.5 >>> 2.5
  • Armor: 21 >>> 18

Ahri's 'Q'

  • Mana Cost: 65-85 >>> 60-100

3) Adjustments

Ahri's Рassive


  • Killing minions or monsters grants Ahri an Essence Fragment.
  • After obtaining 9 Fragments, Ahri consumes them to heal for 40-120 (+25% AP).
  • When Ahri scores a takedown against an enemy champion within 3 seconds of damaging them, she feasts upon their Essence, healing for 80-200 (+35% AP).
  • Brand new VFX+SFX for all skins.

Ahri's 'E'

  • Damage: 60-180 (+40% AP) >>> 80-200(+60% AP)
  • Mana Cost: 70 >>> 50
  • Removed: no longer grants a 20% damage amp on the target

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