League of Legends' new Luden's Tempest Corki guide for season 2022

Full guide to a brand new Corki build that is taking professional games by storm (Image via League of Legends)
Full guide to a brand new Corki build that is taking professional games by storm (Image via League of Legends)

Corki is undoubtedly one of the best late game champions within League of Legends. However, he was absent for quite some time during season 11 of the game.

It seems, though, that a brand new build has come up with Luden's Tempest, which is causing Corki to deal earth shattering damage in season 12. This build became popular on Chinese servers, and eventually, professional players picked it up all across the world.

I am a firm nonbeliever in the Luden's / Hydra Corki build, your missiles already deal so much damage on the champion without this weird build and you're sacrificing the chance to build ER, IE, RFC and have insane scaling throughout the game

As a result, Corki is currently sitting at a whopping 48.3% presence rate in professional games across all regions.

Runes, items and playstyle for Corki's brand new Luden's Tempest build for League of Legends season 2022

It is vital to mention that Corki did not receive any significant buffs during season 12. However, the hybrid build picked up in popularity suddenly, and it seems to work very well for players.

Currently, players like Chovy, Knight, Doinb, and Gori are using this build to its perfection. While it has still not become that popular in solo queue, this build is taking over games in the professional scene.

Corki has a 63% win rate (37-22) on 12.1 in pro play.Absolutely insane how well this Champion is doing in competitive play - Muramana / Ludens build is so incredibly low risk with extremely high reward.

Thus, the following section provides an in-depth guide on what League of Legends players need to do in order to unlock this hidden potential of Corki.


Corki rune path (Image via League of Legends)
Corki rune path (Image via League of Legends)

The runes that the new Corki build needs are as follows:

Primary Runes (Inspiration): First Strike, Magical Footwear, Minion Dematerializer, Time Warp Tonic

Secondary Rune (Resolve): Unflinching, Bone Plating

Rune Shards: Attack Damage, Adaptive Force, Magic Resist

This rune path for Corki allows him to scale faster within games. It also helps Corki trade hits and stay alive without worry. First Strike and Minion Dematerializer allow Corki to gain more gold, thus enabling faster item timings.

Time Warp Tonic improves healing, and Magical Footwear simply removes the need to spend 300 gold on boots. Unflinching and Bone Plating provide damage reduction and thus more sustainability in the lane.

Item Build


The item build is where the real story begins. The items that Corki needs to build are as follows:

  • Muramana
  • Luden's Tempest
  • Ravenous Hydra
  • Void Staff
  • Guardian Angel
  • Sorcerer's Shoes

The item build fully focuses towards a hybrid scaling in League of Legends. The primary AP scaling comes from Luden's Tempest and Void Staff. Ravenous Hydra and Muramana provide Corki with AD damage, and Guardian Angel provides a nice defensive option.

Ideally, players should build Muramana first before anything else. Muramana provides the first major power spike, which further escalates through Luden's Tempest. The rest of the items can be shuffled depending on what the players feel is necessary for the game.



When it comes to playstyle, there is a lot to talk about. It is important to mention that Corki is a scaling champion. Therefore, players should focus on farming rather than fighting.

Winning in the lane and getting ahead is vital to success. This build does not provide Corki with the added protection of the Immortal Shieldbow. This is more of a glass cannon build. Thus, positioning will be vital for players.

Using the Corki package smartly and coordinating with the team is also vital for success. If players want to use this build, they should communicate with the team so that they make as much space as possible.

Corki has both AP and AD scaling in League of Legends. This is the primary reason this build works. It increases the damage of the rockets significantly. However, it also makes Corki vulnerable.

In most solo queue games within League of Legends, players have to carry their own weight. Unlike professional games, solo players will not get support from the jungler to get kills. Thus, players should ensure that they are farming as fast as possible in order to reach the two item powerspike.

Overall, the key is to farm and stay alive as much as possible. Otherwise, finding success with this build will be quite difficult. However, considering the current meta prefers late game, players should not have issues in reaching the three or four item mark.

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