All Aralia wood locations in Genshin Impact

Aralia wood in Genshin (Image via Genshin Impact)
Aralia wood in Genshin (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact's world is full of collectibles to find and discover, including tons of different and unique wood types. These materials can be used to craft things in a player's personal housing area, the Serenitea Pot.

Players will need a ton of these special types of wood, and finding them can be tough given the large variety. Luckily, thanks to interactive maps, finding the trees that drop Aralia wood is much easier.

Fans can find a guide to gathering this special wood here, along with some routes to follow to quickly grab a ton of it.

Genshin Impact: Where to find Aralia wood


Aralia trees can be found on several islands in Inazuma. These trees are tall, with a pine-like appearance and blueish leaves. They can be found all around the northern part of Narukami Island, especially around the Sacred Sakura and its surrounding areas.

The trees are easy to harvest from, as players will only need to strike them with normal attacks to make them drop wood.

The patch next week introduces new Inazuma-themed furnishings, which means new materials needed!Here's the image version of our Inazuman wood cutting route for Yumemiru, Aralia, Otogi, and Maple.Example video #genshintwt

Each tree can drop three pieces of wood, though some characters like Arataki Itto can harvest more wood if players are lucky. Aralia trees are quite common in Chinju Forest, so players may want to check there if they are in need of this type of wood.

This wood is used in several of Inazuma's most popular furnishings like noticeboards, the Kitsu-Kitsu Daruma, and many of its more decorative items. Fans will need a ton of this wood if they want to build the perfect Inazuman household.

These trees also pop up quite frequently on Tsurumi Island, with players having the ability to gather a ton of it by traversing this area. They stick out as they are some of the tallest trees in Inazuma, so farming them isn't too difficult.

Players can gather a massive amount of Aralia wood in a single day if they scour their full Inazuman map.

Genshin Impact's resources can be hard to collect, but fans won't have to look too hard to find Aralia wood if they use these maps.

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