All Crimson Agate locations in Genshin Impact

Crimson Agates can provide some great rewards (Image via Genshin Impact)
Crimson Agates can provide some great rewards (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact is full of collectibles to find, from the various Oculi to the useful Sigils. Crimson Agates are the item of choice in the Dragonspine region, and they tie into the corruption that has taken hold on the icy mountain.

Players collecting these bright red rocks can use them at the Frostbearing Tree to get some fantastic rewards. Finding these Agates can be difficult, though, as they are scattered throughout Dragonspine, and many are hidden well within the mountain.

However, fans can find a map of all of the Agates here to help with their search.

Genshin Impact: Crimson Agates on the interactive map

Thanks to the Genshin Impact interactive map, players can see the locations of each and every Crimson Agate available for collection. Fans can even click on the Agates to view a community guide on how to acquire them.

The Genshin Impact interactive map has an active community with great support, and fans can find every Agate with the proper guides. Finding these Agates is worth it, as the rewards from the Frostbearing Tree are great.

Free wishes, weapon prototypes, and more can be easily acquired from the massive red tree.

Not to mention, users can get a ton of easy Primogems by feeding the tree, along with achievements. They will even get special namecards for completing these tasks, making it easy to show off their collection to their friends.

Fans who missed out on the initial Dragonspine event will definitely want to take a detour from Albedo’s newest adventure and pick up these glowing red rocks.

Crimson Wish

The Crimson Wish also allows Genshin Impact players to grab some easy Crimson Agates without scouring the world for them. Crimson Wish will create five Agates in the world every Monday and Friday, and gamers can complete various quests to gather the rocks and resources.

This is a viable option and can complete the tree as long as players are patient enough to wait for each quest.

The Frostbearing Tree is an excellent source of items in Genshin Impact, and users will need to gather these rare Crimson Agates to take advantage of it thoroughly. Fans must not miss out on these amazing rewards as they journey through Dragonspine.

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