All new Animal Crossing: New Horizons changes, events, critters, and more coming in September

All changes coming to Animal Crossing in September (Image via Animal Crossing world)
All changes coming to Animal Crossing in September (Image via Animal Crossing world)

September has begun, implying an array of changes will take place on the Animal Crossing island.

The beginning of a new month is usually a pretty engrossing affair for players. Even more so this month, as it officially marks the end of a glorious summer. Like last year, the fireworks event was a massive hit but has clearly left players wanting more.

September might be a quiet month in terms of events. However, heaps of changes will take place as summer draws to a close.

The new month will throw more light on the changes users can expect to witness in the coming days as September marks the onset of the fall for Animal Crossing players.

Animal Crossing changes in September

Doug Bowser of Nintendo has stated on several occasions that several new updates are in store for Animal Crossing patrons, implying they could be announced at Nintendo Direct, which will apparently take place this month.

This has been a trend, and while Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything, the announcement might be made soon enough.

New events?

September doesn't offer a lot of events for players. The Grape Harvest Festival is a recurring event and will last the entire month.

The Moon Viewing Festival is a new addition and will begin on September 12 and end on September 21.

The third Saturday of the month will introduce the Bug Off event, which will offer tons of rewards for catching bugs.

The Chuseok event is another new addition and will take place around the same time. It will add Dango, Moon Cakes, Songpyeon, and other related items.

Changes in scenery

As already mentioned, September will introduce fall to Animal Crossing. This implies that grass will turn into a lighter shade of green, and different bushes will be available.

Tea Olive Bushes start spawning in September (Image via Nintendo)
Tea Olive Bushes start spawning in September (Image via Nintendo)

For Northern Hemisphere players, the Hibiscus bushes will stop spawning from September 20. The Tea Olive Bushes, however, will be available from September 21 for Animal Crossing.


The following is a list of critters that will either be debuting or making their return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in September:

  • Common butterfly- 160 bells
  • Yellow butterfly- 160 bells
  • Monarch butterfly- 140 bells
  • Cricket- 130 bells
  • Bell cricket- 430 bells
  • Red dragonfly- 180 bells
  • Violin beetle- 450 bells
  • Pill bug- 250 bells
  • Centipede- 300 bells
  • Tadpole- 100 bells
  • Loach- 400 bells
  • Cherry salmon- 1,000 bells
  • Char- 3,800 bells
  • Golden trout- 15,000 bells
  • Barred knifejaw- 5,000 bells
  • Oyster- 1,100 bells
  • Turban shell- 1,000 bells
  • Chambered nautilus- 1,800 bells
  • Umbrella octopus- 6,000 bells
  • Sweet shrimp- 1,400 bells

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