All new monsters confirmed for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Malzeno will be released along with Sunbreak in summer of 2022 (Image via Monster Hunter Rise)
Malzeno will be released along with Sunbreak in summer of 2022 (Image via Monster Hunter Rise)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Sunbreak, the upcoming expansion of Monster Hunter Rise, will have a bunch of new monsters being introduced within the game.

While the names of all the monsters are now known, three of them have been officially confirmed by the developers of the game. One of them is the flagship monster to Sunbreak, one of them is a brand new giant monster, and the final one will be a returning monster.

Meet the menacing flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise: #Sunbreak...πŸ‰ Malzeno πŸ‰

All three of these monsters will provide both challenge and entertainment to the players. Thus, fans of the game must start preparing as Sunbreak will be released anytime around the summer of 2022.

The confirmed monsters for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Everything fans need to know

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is set to feature Master Rank quests within the game. This means that all the gear that players currently have will become obsolete, and they will have to farm new equipment to challenge the new monsters.

However, this will not be very difficult as all the monsters that players have faced until now will have their Master Rank versions similar to how Capcom did with Monster Hunter World and Iceborne.

The Master Rank versions will be stronger when compared to the High-Rank versions, but nothing that players will be unable to handle. Once players get the brand new equipment, they will be ready to face the new monsters that have been confirmed for Sunbreak.

@Chrissyfrizz1 @j_stocky lunagaron has a lot of unique shapes on its body that you dont really see outside of its own design, at least from my experience, the fact we haven't even seen the full extant of this design in action is very exciting to me as it is based on werewolves

Lunagaron is the first new monster set to arrive with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. While the name sounds a lot like Odogaron, the trailer shows no resemblance to the latter. In fact, Lunagaron looks a lot like Tobi Kadachi and seems to be using ice as its primary element.

The second new monster that is confirmed for Sunbreak is Shogun Ceanataur. This is a returning monster and has previously featured in Monster Hunter Generations. This monster falls under the Carapaceon class and uses water as its primary element.

The final and the most anticipated new monster that has been confirmed for Sunbreak is Malzeno. This particular monster will be the flagship of the expansion, similar to Nergigante for Monster Hunter World and Velkhana for Iceborne.

Nothing personal, Ludroth. βœ‚οΈShogun Ceanataur makes the cut and will return in #MHRise: #Sunbreak.πŸ¦€

Malzeno will be an Elder Dragon and is definitely a challenge that players will struggle with quite a lot. These three are the only ones that have been confirmed. Capcom will continue to add more new monsters as the game progresses over the next few years.

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