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Almost 2 years later 'Pokimane without makeup' is still one of the most-searched queries about the Twitch star

(Image Credits: Pinterest)
(Image Credits: Pinterest)
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Modified 12 Oct 2020, 19:00 IST

Pokimane is one of the biggest stars in the world of streaming. She has a large fanbase, with 5.76 million subscribers on her YouTube main channel and 5.9 million followers on Twitch.

Some may argue that the plethora of controversies she has been involved in has somewhat helped her career. The clearest example of this is the argument about ‘simps’. While she is routinely criticised for having a fanbase full of simps, she herself has defended them multiple times.

At a recent Misfits podcast, Pokimane said that calling people simps can be obnoxious and discourages men from even being nice to women on the internet. She had also admitted that she is biased towards them, and that the ‘simp’ culture has been beneficial for her career.

Furthermore, her ‘simp’ fans have always been a subject of criticism, despite their loyalty. Back when Leafy was banned, Pokimane and her fans were blamed for mass-reporting Leafy’s content.

'Pokimane without Makeup' still one of the most searched queries in 2020

Quite a few content creators like Keemstar, Leafy and ItsAGundam have all mocked and made fun of Pokimane, her brand of content and her fans at different points of time.

Keemstar had even gone ahead and called her fake and pathetic. According to him, Pokimane had been lying about having a boyfriend because she wanted "sad, lonely" guys to continue donating and watching her streams.

Pokimane did post an apology for all the controversies she had been embroiled in recently.

The streamer has always recognised and acknowledged the existence of ‘simps’ in her community and has continued to grow over the past few months. Her supporters are loyal and often obsess over tiny things about the streamer’s looks.


Back in October 2018, Pokimane had decided to host a stream without wearing any makeup. This was obviously a big deal for her viewers, who were stunned to see how different she looked! This had led to a plethora of jokes, memes and comments based on her looks.

Image Credits: TheSportsRush
Image Credits: TheSportsRush

Since then, Pokimane fans have often scrounged the internet using the term ‘Pokimane without makeup’. In the past, we have seen her fans obsessing over various aspects of her looks, including her feet. The two terms are actually some of the most searched things when it comes to Pokimane, and this paints an accurate picture of exactly how obsessed people are with her looks.


Published 12 Oct 2020, 19:00 IST
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