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Pokimane: Poll reveals majority of people watch the Twitch streamer only for her 'looks'

Image Credits: HITC
Image Credits: HITC
Rishabh B.
Modified 14 Sep 2020

We recently talked about the elaborate fall from grace that Pokimane has gone through over the past few months. This was evident from her recent 'return' stream after a month-long break, which barely registered 34,000 views. It all began when Pokimane decided to go after YouTuber ItsAGundam for posting a video mocking her brand of content and fan base.

This eventually led the 24-year-old to a beef with Keemstar, who called her 'fake' and 'pathetic.' The biggest and most common reason for criticism towards her has been 'simps' in her fan base. Pokimane has several fans who appear a bit too willing to stand in support with their favorite streamer.

Pokimane has often been accused of pretending to be single so that her 'simp' fan base does not stop donating and subscribing to her channel. In addition to Keemstar, the same accusation was alleged by former YouTuber and Twitch streamer, LeafyIsHere.

Leafy eventually got banned from both platforms, something Pokimane has been blamed for by a majority of the internet.

Regardless, an online poll may now have proved that people watch Pokimane "only for her appearance."

Pokimane: Poll reveals majority of people watch the Twitch streamer only for her 'looks'

The 'online poll' was held on Reddit and saw votes from thousands of the Morocco-born star's fans. The question was phrased awkwardly, as you can see below:

"How many of you like Pokimane for her content or like her for her looks?"

The two answers that could be chosen were 'Content' and 'Looks'. And the streamer will be disappointed to see that a vast majority of her Reddit fans chose the latter. The poll saw around 3.5k people choosing 'Looks.' In comparison, only 608 fans said that they watch the streamer because of her 'Content'.

The Fortnite star has often been accused of having too many 'simps' among her fans. However, never before have we seen these fans come to the fore and reveal precisely why so many of them almost religiously watch the streamer.

Of course, while the Reddit poll might not be a fair indicator of what her fans think about her content, she will surely be displeased when seeing its results. Pokimane recently revamped her subreddit, as you can see in the tweet below: 

Published 14 Sep 2020, 15:46 IST
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