Amidst RFLCT drama, Valkyrae called out for labeling her friends 'fake' & sticking to pseudoscientific claims

Valkyrae called out for name-dropping her friends amidst RFLCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valkyrae called out for name-dropping her friends amidst RFLCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

Valkyrae shared her side of things about the RFLCT controversy during a livestream on October 23. However, it did not yield the result she wanted. People thought her response was bizarre and very escapist. But what struck fans the most was how Valkyrae decided to stick to claims that there was actual scientific backing behind RFLCT's blue light protection claims, but these studies could not be published on the website due to trademark issues.

I’ll admit I was wrong about the Valkyrae blue light situation. I assumed she was just misled and was naive. Turns out she claims the blue light resistant makeup was her idea and she claims that they do have studies that prove it works but can’t show them due to trademark. 🤔🤔

In fact, the streamer went to the extent of judging her friends for being honest or not based on whether they supported her during the entire RFLCT controversy. The 29-year-old streamer has done more damage than repair with that livestream, as fans are calling her out for her actions.

Valkyrae faces backlash for calling her friends "fake" over RFLCT controversy

After the announcement of RFLCT skincare products, people had undeniable research concerns since there was no scientific backing on the official website. Furthermore, the company shrugged off any responsibility if claims made by them were proved to be inaccurate. This made the skincare brand very hard to trust, and people started calling RFLCT a scam.


Valkyrae responded to the allegations but chose to drag her friends into the mud as well. When asked if her friends had reached out to her during the entire drama, she said she found it interesting to see which friends reached out to her and when they did so. She specifically name-dropped streamers such as Sykkuno and Fuslie, saying they cared enough to check up on her every day.

Valkyrae's name-dropping streamers did not sit right with many people, who believe that this was a very uncalled-for move by the streamer and could have easily been avoided. Instead of simplifying things, she overcomplicated them a lot more.

Respect though it’s hype that she’s just goin in on people, calling out which of her friends are real and fake and sticking to the pseudoscience. Was unexpected and makes for some content!

Fans believe that it was immature of Valkyrae to judge her friends as real or "fake" based on whether they supported her during the entire controversy since she was promoting a website full of products that claimed to do something without scientific backing. Popular streamer xQc also clarified that nobody other than Valkyrae had any responsibility towards RFLCT, so she should not have name-dropped people for not supporting her.

@IWDominateLoL yeah not sure why she's calling out her friends on how they responded to her situation.

However, many people believe that it's worse she's sticking to the pseudoscience right now instead of staying silent on that matter. Valkyrae claimed that she had seen studies that prove that blue light causes serious harm to the human skin, but they could not publish it on the website due to copyright reasons. This, too, is being called out by fans as very illogical.

@IWDominateLoL wait, is she actually sticking o the pseudoscience? isn't that just the worst possible move at this point?
@IWDominateLoL she's really out here DFLCTing
@IWDominateLoL i mean she literally asked them if they could research it for her and they told her it was legit and she believed them. sounds naive to me. and she said she wants them to post the studies but they wont + shes stuck in a contract.

Overall, Valkyrae seems to have made things a lot worse after the livestream on October 23. It would be best for her to stay silent on the matter until she gains some clarity about the future of RFLCT and its claims.

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