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Among Us with 1001 players: YouTubers brings the concept to life, and it's delightfully chaotic

Image via InnerSloth
Image via InnerSloth
Brandon Moore
Modified 08 Nov 2020, 02:44 IST

Among Us is already chaotic with a fully lobby of ten, but just imagine it with over 1000 players.

Popular YouTube channel, The Pixel Kingdom, uploaded a video showcasing the chaos that would be Among Us, if it were to have 1001 players. The animation truly makes it look like a game of Among Us, with some fun little effects added in. Overall, there are 99 Impostors and a total of 902 Crewmates. This video showcases that there needs to be a mod made in order to accommodate a lobby of this size. Delightfully chaotic might be an understatement.

Chaos ensues as YouTuber animates a 1001 player Among Us game

The video starts with the typical hushing from Red, advising players not to talk in order to keep things fair. That is when the shocking screen appears, showing that there are 99 Impostors, as the main character in the video is Steve, and the Bedcrab that sits upon his head.

From there, the chaos begins. The cafeteria is filled with players and usernames. All that can be heard is the slashing and squishing of flesh, as the Impostors start to dismantle the Crewmates with no chance of being caught.

Steve is visibly upset, and sends Bedcrab to call for an Emergency Meeting. This is where the hilarity begins. The amount of players speaking in the meeting causes the ship to overload and begin to fall apart. Steve is quite the protagonist, truly making the viewer feel for him as he is branded an Impostor by several other Crewmates.

It all culminates in Steve and Bedcrab making their way back to the ship, only to be cornered by the last Impostor. A chase scene begins, but the remainder of the ship starts to lose control and plummet. This finishes off the Impostor, leaving Bedcrab and Steve the winners.


Pixel Kingdom Among Us

The 1001 player Among Us game is not the first animation that The Pixel Kingdom YouTube channel has produced. It has delivered some incredible Among Us content that answers the questions about how a lobby would turn out in certain circumstances.

It started off with seeing how a 100 player lobby would pan out. Following that video, an animation of 99 Impostors came to be. Now, that has all led to the 1001 player lobby. Among Us is chaotic on its own, and these videos have shown how that chaos can be simply charming.

Published 08 Nov 2020, 02:44 IST
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