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Among Us: Heated argument over Imposter leads to sticky situation for YouTuber

Image Credits: InnerSloth
Image Credits: InnerSloth
Rishabh B.
Modified 13 Oct 2020, 15:50 IST

Recently, Among Us has become extremely popular among streamers and gamers. This game has a relatively simple plot, and pits players against each other, making it impossible for them to trust one another. It involves a group of four to ten Crewmates, with one to three Imposters among them.

While the Crewmates go around completing tasks and have to identify the Imposters, the latter try to kill them without being noticed. While Among Us as a game is simple enough, quite a few rather awkward incidents have cropped up. Recently, we saw Corinna Kopf get caught cheating while playing this title!

And now, another, more concerning, incident has come to light.

Among Us: YouTuber gets murder threats over a heated argument

iamLucid, whose real name is Joshua Garity, is a YouTuber/gamer who plays games like COD: Warzone and has 523k subscribers. Recently, most of his videos have been about his IRL experiences.

Image Credits: iamLucid, YouTube
Image Credits: iamLucid, YouTube

In the video seen at the end of this article, he talks about a recent situation that has made it difficult for him to sleep. Apparently, around mid-September, the YouTuber found himself playing Among Us with his cameraman and some of his brother’s friends.

He explained that he is only 19, and most people he was playing with were in their early thirties. During the first game itself, the YouTuber completed all tasks quickly, and was hanging around the middle of the map.

Quite a lot of players try to complete their tasks as quickly as possible to concentrate on identifying the Imposter(s). However, one player, a 31-year old, saw the YouTuber doing nothing, called a meeting, and accused him of being in a vent.

Once voted out, the YouTuber thought that it was the Imposter who had wrongly accused him.

Image Credits: Among Us Wiki
Image Credits: Among Us Wiki

However, as it turned out, the man was himself a Crewmate, and when the YouTuber tried to ask him about the wrong accusations, he instead lost his calm. The man started shouting at him, telling iamLucid that he was twice his size and threatened to beat him up and kill him.

Regardless, the group continued playing Among Us, and the streamer kept teasing the man and voted against him multiple times, even if he did not get kicked out of the ship. Towards the end, the man told iamLucid that he was lucky he knew his family, and that he would have beaten him up a long time ago if that was not the case.

Have a look at the video below to get more information about this Among Us incident.

Published 13 Oct 2020, 15:50 IST
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