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Among Us ranks #1 in the Top 10 most selling games on Steam

InnerSloth's offering, Among Us
Rishabh B.
Modified 28 Sep 2020, 20:20 IST

Of late, much has been made of the sudden rise in popularity that Among Us has seen. This game, developed by InnerSloth, was released back in June 2018, and has recently seen an enormous spike in interest, with several streamers taking it up.

Among Us involves four to ten Crewmates who have to complete various tasks scattered across the map. Furthermore, there are one to three Imposters as part of the team, who have to kill the Crewmates and sabotage the mission. The latter, in turn, have to identify the Imposters before they succeed in their attempts.

This title has a simple plot, almost ‘outdated’ visuals, and no skill-threshold. It pits players against each other and makes it impossible for them to trust one another.

Among Us has also taken over the internet and Twitch, and been the highest-viewed game on the platform for many weeks.

Image Credits: InnerSloth
Image Credits: InnerSloth

Among Us is the No 1 selling game on Steam!

According to Twitch Tracker, Among Us is currently the most-viewed game on the platform, falling behind only to the ‘Just Chatting’ genre. For some weeks, it had managed to stay on top, garnering more viewers than any other Twitch streaming category.

Image Credits: Twitch Tracker
Image Credits: Twitch Tracker

There are a number of reasons behind this recent trend. People have mentioned the coronavirus pandemic as one possible explanation, as more users are looking to ‘kill time.’

As already mentioned, Among Us is easy to play and understand, and is interesting enough for people to spend hours playing.

Image Credits: InnerSloth
Image Credits: InnerSloth

Moreover, as streamers such as Shroud have mentioned, this title is incredibly ‘fun’ when played with the right people. Among Us is also suited to collaborations, as multiple streamers can play the same match. We have already seen exciting crossovers between streamers such as Ninja, Pokimane, and PewDiePie.

This success has translated into revenue as well. According to video game enthusiast and game industry research analyst KatieH_Games, Among Us has now emerged as the top-selling game on Steam for the week ending on 27th September.

As seen below, it has fended off competition from critically acclaimed titles such as Hades, while the recent sensation, Fall Guys, takes the third spot.

For InnerSloth, this is excellent news. As mentioned, part of the game’s success on Twitch is down to the fact that it allows multiple streamers to play simultaneously. Therefore, a better reflection of its recent success is revenue, which suggests that Among Us has indeed seen a worldwide spark in interest recently.

Published 28 Sep 2020, 20:20 IST
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