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'Among Us' songs are the new rage on YouTube

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Modified 19 Sep 2020, 14:18 IST

The game which is currently dominating the global charts is InnerSloth's deliciously addictive Among Us.

This sci-fi indie mystery game has recently witnessed a sudden surge in popularity due to an increase in the number of prominent streamers playing it. From the likes of Ninja to Pokimane, Among Us has managed to get everyone hooked as it continues to trend at the top of the charts.

The hype surrounding this game is such that it has led to a barrage of memes and posts online. The latest Among Us trend seems to be that of songs being released on YouTube that are exclusively modelled on the gameplay, including nods to Impostors and Crewmates.

With catchy lyrics and witty graphics, these songs have already become certified bangers as Among Us continues to trend online.

Build your Among Us playlist on YouTube


Of all the most popular Among Us songs which are trending online, the one that has already raked in an impressive 290k views in less than 24 hours is the Among Us song composed by English musician Dave Jones, aka Day by Dave.

He is known to make wacky renditions of popular online trends, and his most famous songs include the Are you winning son song and The Simp Song.

Through the lyrics of his latest Among Us song, he encapsulates the entire saga of deception and intuition which has made the game so popular today.

Some of the lyrics from the song are:

"Yellow what have you been doing, I saw you by the door acting kind of strange, even if I'm wrong, should we kill them to be safe."
"Oh no, it wasn't me either, I was maybe too harsh. This manipulation by everyone makes me suspicious, I'm just doing my tasks, and I don't know who to trust, democracy's undone us, coz they are still Among Us."
"I think I'm getting close, but I'm not at all, again it wasn't me either, I am losing my mind. It's so concerning that everyone finds it so easy to lie!"

Another Among Us song that has been making waves ever since its release is a track titled Show Yourself by popular American singer-songwriter Charlie Green, aka CG5.


The 21-year old's song has already garnered an impressive 1.6 million views so far, and is one of the catchiest on the internet right now.

He is also known to make songs on popular memes and trends, and has several fans across social media platforms.

Some of the catchy lyrics from CG5's Among Us track include:

"Everybody watch out, cause someone's out to turn this night around. Is it you? Or is it I? Nobody knows... look around your shoulder, I don't want to be carried away in a hearse."
"You're a sneaky little impostor aren't you, aren't you? But you're Among Us! I can feel it, I can feel it in my bones, so why don't you show yourself and leave us all alone?"

In the rap department, a YouTuber by the name of ChewieCatt has released an exclusive Among Us rap song titled Impostor.

Replete with groovy beats and an ominous setting, some of the lyrics include:

"There's an impostor among us... who is coming for us? Doing your tasks, better watch your back."
"Finish the kill, run around the base, poker face, keep up the pace, murder in the place, all in your face."
"Prestigious and studious when I'm studying the bodies, who to hit, when and where, you know that is my hobby."

With a plethora of infectious Among Us tracks trending on YouTube, which one are you adding to your playlist?

You can hear some other catchy Among Us-themed songs below:

Published 19 Sep 2020, 14:17 IST
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