Animal Crossing: 3 ways of filling island space without terraforming

A new island in Animal Crossing. Image via Animal Crossing World
A new island in Animal Crossing. Image via Animal Crossing World

Islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a blank canvas. They are a world of infinite possibilities for players.

This has limitless potential, but can also be considered a burden. There's plenty of space to do whatever the players want. There's also plenty of space to have to fill with something.

An island can utilize empty space and that often looks good. Too much empty space, however, looks odd and makes an island look smaller and less inviting. Here are some great ways to utilize that space without just terraforming.

Empty space in Animal Crossing


Terraforming is a great new feature that was added to New Horizons. It gives players the ability to customize their islands even more. Rivers, cliffs, ponds, custom paths and more are all possible thanks to one of New Horizons' most notable new features. There's still a limit to how much terraforming can happen on an island and it still looks good, so here are some other options.

Terraforming in Animal Crossing. Image via Pinterest
Terraforming in Animal Crossing. Image via Pinterest

3. Buildings

Buildings are great when used in similar reservations as terraforming, and they can be a really great way of utilizing empty space. Having lots of places to visit is a good feature to have on an island. Shops and other things make great additions to an island, and they take up a good amount of space.

Animal Crossing buildings. Image via iMore
Animal Crossing buildings. Image via iMore

2. Trees

Trees are large and take up space very easily. Planting fruit trees can also be beneficial in getting items, rather than just planting a tree with no fruit. Still, trees ca great great decoration either way and will fill up space easily.

1. Flowers

Flowers can be a stellar addition to an island. No real life backyard is complete without a field of flowers or at least a flower bed, and the same is true of an Animal Crossing island. Flowers are beautiful, and a field of them can utilize a large empty space really well, much like trees.

Terraforming is great and no island is complete without some of it. But there are other ways of utilizing the empty space provided to players when designing an island. Flowers, trees and buildings are great ways to spice up an island and not leave a lot of empty space sitting around.

What is the best way to fill empty space on an island?

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