Animal Crossing: All mystery island types in New Horizons

Mystery Islands. Image via Reddit
Mystery Islands. Image via Reddit
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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one of the chief things players will do is create, build and maintain their island. It's where they, and their villagers, live and do most of their activities. However, their island isn't the only one they can visit. Animal Crossing players can get codes from other people to visit their island, or they can visit a mystery island.

Whenever Animal Crossing players purchase a Nook Miles ticket, they are given the chance to explore a random mystery island. Animal Crossing players won't know what island they're visiting, but they can get clues as to which types they might encounter.

Mystery Islands in Animal Crossing

The most common mystery island to appear on is the "normal" island. This island is quite similar to the player's own island. Players can do what they would normally do on their island: dig up fossils, shake trees and collect critters.

The second kind of island that Animal Crossing players can come to is the hardwood island. This, much like the normal one, is the standard island with only one main difference. All the trees are hardwood. Players can, again, do whatever they'd normally do on their island.

A hardwood tree. Image via Shacknews
A hardwood tree. Image via Shacknews

The third kind is the bamboo island. All the trees on this island are bamboo, making it more valuable than the hardwood island. Animal Crossing players can dig up bamboo trees and bring them back to their island to grow it there.

The next type of island is the scorpion island. As the name suggests, this is a good place to find scorpions. Scorpions can fetch Animal Crossing players 8,000 bells, so this can be a valuable endeavor. There are two variants of scorpion island, one which has bamboo trees on it as well.

Scorpion found in Animal Crossing. Image via Digital Trends
Scorpion found in Animal Crossing. Image via Digital Trends

The next type is the fruit island. This island is like a normal island, except with different types of fruit that players will otherwise be hard pressed to find. Players can also dig up and re-plant these trees on their island.

The next island, the tarantula island, is a great way for players to get bells. Like the scorpions, tarantulas are worth 8,000 bells, making this island very valuable.

The next type, fish island, has a few variants. One spawns rare fish, like sharks, more frequently. The others focus on big fish like the Olive Flounder and the Oarfish. Both of these can be very lucrative fish.

The next one is Bell Rock Island. On this island, players can mine rocks for bells, rather than the standard rocks, iron and clay. This can be a great way of making bells quickly.

The next island is Flower Island. The island spawns rare flowers and butterflies that players can't get elsewhere. The final island is the trash island, because players who fish here will fish up lots and lots of trash. This is one players won't want to visit.

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