Animal Crossing: How to catch the rare Giant Trevally

The Giant Trevally. Image via Nintendo Life
The Giant Trevally. Image via Nintendo Life

The Giant Trevally is one of the rarest fish in Animal Crossing. Unlike other fish, there are certain circumstances that have to be met in order to catch this one. They are restricted by season and location, but not by time of day. They also tend not to spawn in groups and there is usually only one in the water at a time. This makes it very rare to find.

Giant Trevally. Image via Nintendo Life
Giant Trevally. Image via Nintendo Life

In Animal Crossing, the Giant Trevally is a big, seafaring fish and is incredibly hard to catch. Even during the right times it is still very difficult to find and catch. Here's how to catch the rare Giant Trevally.

Giant Trevally in Animal Crossing

As mentioned, there are a few restrictions on when a Giant Trevally will even spawn in Animal Crossing. However, finding one can be really beneficial. They sell for 4,500 bells, and since they are extremely rare, this is a feat that players can be proud of. Becuase it can be up to six feet long and 180 pounds, this is definitely one of the biggest fish in Animal Crossing.

Giant Trevallies are restricted by months. In the Northern Hemisphere, these fish will only spawn between May and October. In the Southern Hemisphere, the months that Giant Trevallies are available are November-April. Players in the Northern Hemisphere can find them right now. Giant Trevallies are not limited by time of day, so during those months they can be found day or night. They will spawn at all hours of the day during their specific months.

Giant Trevallies are only found when fishing off the pier into the ocean. They are not found in rivers, ponds or lakes. They also won't be found by fishing off the beach either. They have to be fished off the pier. It is recommended to just spam the bait into the water when they are spawning because only one will be in the water.

The pier. Image via Animal Crossing Wiki
The pier. Image via Animal Crossing Wiki

The Giant Trevally is noted for its giant shadow size. It has the second biggest shadow of any sea creature in Animal Crossing. While they normally sell for 4,500 bells, C.J. will give players a whopping 6,750 bells for it. They are rare, so farming them and reaping the rewards isn't impossible, but players have to put in time and effort to be successful.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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