Animal Crossing: New Horizons- 2.0 update features players are still learning about

Kapp'n's island can have a good DIY recipe (Image via Nintendo)
Kapp'n's island can have a good DIY recipe (Image via Nintendo)

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update was released just over a month ago. Nintendo added a ton of content to the game, including the Happy Home Paradise DLC, and ensured that the game would go out with a bang. The 2.0 update has been confirmed as the final major update for New Horizons, so there's tons of content that players are still discovering today.

The update featured a ton of prominent additions, but what has truly given it a bit of longevity are the smaller and lesser-known additions. Here are a few that Animal Crossing players need to know about.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons secrets from the 2.0 update

Players have probably talked to Katrina a few times since the update, at least if they fully funded her Fortune Shop on Harv's Island. But what they may not realize is that if Animal Crossing players intend to talk to Katrina at all, it should be the first thing they do.

Players can get their luck at the beginning of the day (Image via Nintendo)
Players can get their luck at the beginning of the day (Image via Nintendo)

Her luck lasts for one day, and it can be really helpful. Luck in belongings can prohibit tools from damaging, so players will want a full day to take advantage of that as well as any other luck advantages she provides.

Players may have been visiting Harv's Island every day since the update to see all the new shops. The inventory might be disappointing, especially if it's the same as it was before. It should be noted that Monday is the refresh day for all of those shops, so if players want new items, they must check then.

Harv’s island is undergoing some changes! Help Harv and Harriet build out his island with shops featuring familiar island visitors like Saharah and Kicks. New visitors like Katrina, Tortimer, and more contribute to this bustling plaza! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH

DIY recipes are most often found on Animal Crossing players' islands. However, two really good players to look for DIY recipes are Kapp'n's island and the Happy Home Paradise island. Kapp'n can only be visited once, but there's usually a good DIY recipe in both places.

SCREAMING, look at the diy I just got from a kapp’n island #acnh #AnimalCrossing

After unlocking a certain amount of Happy Home Paradise homes, players will find Maggie, a chef villager, who can give them really good cooking DIY recipes. Completing the full DLC also unlocks a lot of other cool features, so Animal Crossing players should try to do it anyway.

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