Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Every new villager in 2021

Brewster is finally returning, along with many other familiar faces. (Image via Nintendo)
Brewster is finally returning, along with many other familiar faces. (Image via Nintendo)
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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct was today and it was jam packed with tons of huge announcements. Gyroids, a paid DLC (for the very first time), a new island ordinance feature, Roost, and so much more.

Several new features were confirmed and many of them have something in common: the addition of new villagers to Animal Crossing: New Horizons roster.

The roster was already the most comprehensive of any Animal Crossing game, but it will get even more comprehensive on November 5, when the free update and DLC are confirmed for release. Here are all the new villagers players can expect to see in New Horizons after the update.

All new villagers confirmed for Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Lottie is confirmed as a part of the DLC, so only certain players will be able to enjoy her presence in the game. Still, her return is a huge announcement. She had played the role of the home designer in previous games and will serve a very similar role in the DLC. The Happy Home Paradise DLC will allow the player, along with Lottie, to design dream islands for villagers.


Kapp'n was confirmed early on in the showcase with a new mystery island that he can take players to. Kapp'n was last seen in New Leaf but is finally making his way to New Horizons. He was the ferry operator in the past, and will be taking players on boat trips after the upcoming content update.


Katrina and her Fortune Shop are also set to return. The Luck aspect was a fun part of older Animal Crossing games (as well as Pocket Camp), and has been missing from New Horizons. Post the update, players will once again be able to pay Katrina to find out their fortunes for the day, and even to reverse bad fortunes.

Katrina is returning alongside Brewster and the others. (Image via Nintendo)
Katrina is returning alongside Brewster and the others. (Image via Nintendo)


After the teaser at the September Nintendo Direct, everyone knew Brewster was returning, but it's guaranteed now. Brewster will reprise his role as the owner and proprietor of the Roost. He'll be selling coffee to players again, after a strange absence from the game.


Tortimer was a staple of the franchise, only missing out on the original Animal Crossing game before not being added to New Horizons as well. Tortimer was the mayor for many games before he retired in New Leaf. With the update, he is set to return to the game with a second wind under his sails.

Harv’s island is undergoing some changes! Help Harv and Harriet build out his island with shops featuring familiar island visitors like Saharah and Kicks. New visitors like Katrina, Tortimer, and more contribute to this bustling plaza! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH

Sahara and Kicks

Sahara has been known as a traveling merchant for most of her Animal Crossing life, but will have a shop in her next appearance. Kicks was announced in City Folk and he shined shoes, but he too, will run a shop. Both Kicks and Sahara will be found on Harv's Island after the update.

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