Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.11.0 adds Moon Viewing Day and Chuseok - Release date, items, significance and more

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo

The 1.11.0 update to Animal Crossing was the most substantial update for the game in a while. It added quite a few events and items and revamped the events that were already part of Animal Crossing. Two new seasonal events are sure to provide players with an exciting experience: Moon Viewing Day and Chuseok.

These are new events, so they may be relatively unknown to Animal Crossing players. Here's everything on these new additions.

New seasonal events in Animal Crossing

Both new events will be held at the same time in the world of Animal Crossing. Chuseok and the Moon Viewing Festival will occur from September 12 to September 21. Chuseok, a South Korean holiday, is traditionally celebrated from September 20 to September 22, with the official holiday coming on September 21. Moon Viewing Day, a Japanese holiday, is on September 21 as well.

The Moon Viewing Festival, also known as Tsukimi or Otsukimi, is a celebration of the autumn moon. Chuseok, or Hangawi, is considered to be the Korean Thanksgiving Day. This is a day for people of Korea to give thanks and spend time with family.

There is significance to both these holidays making their way into Animal Crossing for the first time. Much like the Obon Festival (currently happening in Animal Crossing), these are big real-life events. They traditionally involve celebrating and spending time with one another. Unfortunately, with the world still in the throes of COVID-19, people cannot do that safely.

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo

Animal Crossing first rose to prominence in the midst of the pandemic as it allowed people to simulate life and spend time with others virtually while many were stuck at home. Nintendo hasn't forgotten this and seems intent on providing that same escape for members of various cultures with big events. The introduction of Obon Festival, Chuseok and Moon Viewing Festival to Animal Crossing signifies that Nintendo is not only aware but also determined to provide a companionable experience for its players in this trying time.

Edited by Sabine Algur

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