Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 leaves Twitter in flames

Brand new paid DLC is part of the upcoming Animal Crossing update (Image via Nintendo)
Brand new paid DLC is part of the upcoming Animal Crossing update (Image via Nintendo)
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Nintendo recently revealed all the content they had planned for the Animal Crossing 2.0 update. This will be a huge update as it brings long-lost villagers back, reintroduces a fan favorite place, adds customization options, and introduces the first ever paid DLC for New Horizons. It was also officially announced that this update, 2.0, will be the final major update to the game.

After this update, which goes live in early November, there will be no more free content updates for the game, less than two years after the game was released. All of this has been huge news, leaving Twitter in flames.

The update has a lot of incredible features coming soon (Image via Nintendo)
The update has a lot of incredible features coming soon (Image via Nintendo)

Animal Crossing update sends Twitter into a frenzy

While this is ultimately the final major update, signaling that the end is drawing near, there are players who are really excited about it regardless. It's a bittersweet moment for the game, but they're focusing on the sweet part.

It sucks that this will be the last major update for Animal Crossing but im still very happy and i will play the game for many years to come. AC has brought me so much joy over the past year & a half. AC has helped me make friends and meet many new people.Thank u Animal Crossing

Another user pointed out that the content in this free update rivals that of an entire new game, yet it's all bundled into one free content update for the game.

Nintendo just gave us Sora in Smash and an Animal Crossing New Horizons update SO FREAKIN HUGE it could be considered an entirely separate game yet it's free. Anyone who complains about Nintendo from here on out can suck it lol.

The timing could be a little better for this user, though.

Sucks the animal crossing update is happening around the time I start some very intense classes…I cannot be distracted

Another user who had pretty much given up on the game was drawn right back to it after seeing the news.

Oooo boy that new animal crossing update is going to suck me back in #ACNH

On the other hand, it might be too little too late for players. It's a huge update, but a lot of these additions could and should have been added long ago.

a lot of stuff added in that animal crossing update is neat but also i think my stance that it felt too late is kinda ringing true, i probably would've been really excited about all of this like, a year ago now, i'll probably check this all out but i doubt it'll suck me back in

The new paid DLC is a huge talking point, but it's not necessarily a good thing, according to one user.

Kinda sucks that Nintendo basically delivered a slam dunk update for Animal Crossing in terms of delivering stuff people have wanted for months now and they had to tack the new onlines awful pricing at the end which is just completely dominating everything about it ahaha

It's safe to say that this user is excited.

Me after the animal crossing update #ACNH

Even just a glimpse of what was to come was enough to get players to return to the game.

That animal crossing direct was just incredible omg 😭 I didn't play for months now, but this single-handedly made me want to play again 🥺 I absolutely can't wait for this update!!#AnimalCrossing

Animal Crossing certainly holds a special place in many players' hearts, and this update is definitely a cherry on top.

Animal crossing helped many of us through the first months of the pandemic so I appreciate it. This new update and dlc is quite impressive. It speaks to such a unique player base, and I hope folks jump back in. (I am)

Pretty much every single detail in the update has been well-received by the player base.

This Animal Crossing update looks great, really like the music they went with for Group Stretching:

Evidently, it's a pretty powerful update, to say the least. What's going to happen when it officially releases?

Literally I don’t need a therapist anymore the animal crossing update has fixed me

Time has now amusingly shifted into two groups, before the update and after it.

It's simple: I now live life waiting for the Animal Crossing update. Nothing else matters.

The face of the update, Brewster, is a welcome sight for many players.

Hoyeon Jung, Squid Game star, reveals in a recent interview to Vogue Korea that she’s excited for Brewster to arrive in the next Animal Crossing New Horizons update.“I just think it’s something the world needs right now.”

Players who haven't played in a long time have been getting back into the game just to prepare for the upcoming update.

logging into animal crossing excited to prep my town for the update only to realize I still have two permanent unmovable sharks in my home from when I tried the money hack

It's going to be a huge update for the game and players are more than excited for it.

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