Animal Crossing: Nintendo looms over E3 2021 with a huge layer of disappointment for New Horizons players 

Animal Crossing E3 2021. Image via Animal Crossing World
Animal Crossing E3 2021. Image via Animal Crossing World

Nintendo just finished their Direct for E3 2021, and overall, Nintendo fans are really satisfied. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's sequel got some new footage and a tentative release date. Mario Party is getting a new package of classics for the Nintendo Switch, and Metroid fans finally saw an announcement about the next installment of the franchise. Notably absent, however, was the smash hit Animal Crossing.

Throughout the 40-minute direct, Nintendo wowed fans with all kinds of games. WarioWare, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Metroid Dread and The Legend of Zelda all got huge announcements. Not Animal Crossing, though. Even when Nintendo focused on DLC and game updates, two things Animal Crossing players were expecting from E3 2021 saw no mention.

Nintendo avoids Animal Crossing at E3 2021

While a big update, or even a small one, is still likely, it is quite surprising that Nintendo didn't announce it. The gaming world had its eyes glued to the screen for 40 minutes, and Animal Crossing was nowhere to be found. No mention of the game came during the entire showcase.

Animal Crossing gameplay. Image via Pocket Lint
Animal Crossing gameplay. Image via Pocket Lint

Some fans still feel hurt by Animal Crossing: New Horizons' glaring omission from E3 2021. While fans of other games saw huge announcements, the showcase was considered a flop for fans of the second-best selling Switch game. One of the most profitable Nintendo games ever was completely ignored.

Seasonal updates and event changes are still going be in the game, but players hoping for the addition of fan favorite villagers like Brewster and others are crestfallen.

Nintendo is very pointed with their decisions, so each game that made it into the Nintendo Direct E3 2021 was specifically chosen. It is strange that Nintendo spent valuable time on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD or Mario Golf: Super Rush, as both were announced in the last Nintendo Direct and all their details are out.

Mario Golf: Super Rush. Image via Nintendo
Mario Golf: Super Rush. Image via Nintendo

Though Nintendo appears to have ignored Animal Crossing at E3 2021, the horizon is still rife with potential updates. If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can get updates and new characters three years later, then Animal Crossing, which is superior in popularity, isn't dead in the water after one year. Nintendo isn't going to leave behind its second-best money-maker for the Switch.

Animal Crossing fans may be disappointed, but all is not lost. Nintendo likes to keep players on their toes, and this may just be another tactic in keeping Animal Crossing players waiting.

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