"Another Riot Games classic": League of Legends fans are displeased as pre-season 2023 jungle changes might have made the role too easy

League of Legends fans feel that the jungle role has become way too diluted after pre-season 2023 changes (Image via Riot Games)
League of Legends fans feel that the jungle role has become way too diluted after pre-season 2023 changes (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends along with pre-season 2023 added quite a lot of changes to the game. However, fans and players feel that the jungle role might have been made way too easy with these changes.

The players feel that Riot Games is spoonfeeding newer players and that they are ensuring that at least the early game goes smoothly for every jungler irrespective of skill level. Changes to how camps function, recommended pathing, and leash timers might have been a bit overkill with regard to teaching newcomers about the intricacies of the role.

Another Riot Games classic.

This does not mean that the scope for skill expression is gone since better players will make more efficient use of these changes. However, this ensures that the whole concept of learning through hardships has been thrown out of the window by Riot Games.

League of Legends fans feel that Riot Games might as well add AI bots for the jungle role since it has become excessively easy now

As mentioned previously, League of Legends fans are not very happy with the changes that have been brought into the jungle role. Recommended jungle pathing allows players to know which camps to prioritize without even putting much effort into learning the champion.

The brand-new leash timers allow players to understand how much they can pull the camp before it resets. Apart from that, the change to jungle camps where small monsters will die once they have been marked to death and left out of combat for 10 seconds has made counter-jungling redundant.

@Odoamne giga cringe change. Jungle is now really a role for toddlers huh
@UnChainedKuro @Odoamne Imagine changing a role cause non-jungler timmies cant learn a champ in jungle for when they get autofilled and dont know what to do.

This is because, previously, the enemy jungler would often invade and kill the big monster in, say, the raptor camp, but leave one small monster behind. This would delay the camp from resetting since the same does not happen unless all the monsters are dead.

This means that the enemy jungler will now have more experience since they will be ahead of the ally jungler by a significant margin. However, the fact that the small monsters now get marked for death means that the delay in camp respawn does not exist.

@Odoamne Season 14 adding sandwich making feature:2 min 30 sec window where you can leave to make a sandwich while the AI clears camps for you
@Odoamne "We don't want to remove skill expression" HAHA
@tstibbz @I_Didntask @JRider03 @Odoamne Taking the raptor or wolf camp and leaving one small raptor or wolf up wouldn't put the camp on cooldown and deny you so much gold and exp from your rotation. This change literally just removes that skill from junglers is removing skill expression.

This in turn means that even if someone invades, they will be unable to create the experience and gold disadvantage as the ally jungler will not have to worry about the pathing rotations. As it happens, League of Legends fans are not at all happy with these changes.

They feel that at this rate, Riot Games might just add AI bots to do the bidding for the player since the developers are kind of spoon-feeding the newer players. They feel that the skill expression in the jungle role in getting reduced massively, which is not a good thing.

@Odoamne What this means is that junglers that get counter jungler because of pathing can now do even more questionable ganks knowing that a camp is either still alive or about to respawn. Riot basically making jungling a toddler's role.
@ka1zersoze @Odoamne You just have to take the whole camp. No more leaving small chicken.

Many League of Legends players feel that they had to learn these things the hard way after getting demolished by opponents due to these small intricacies, which in turn made them better players.

However, the game now does everything for the player, which means that the learning through struggle aspect is kind of gone.

@Odoamne Every trash jungler who get counterjungled every game is super happy in these comments 🤦‍♂️
@Odoamne Skill expression? In my competitive video game? Better get rid of it.
@Odoamne Mark my words in 2 years from now they are gonna put an AUTO mode, becouse u know little Timmy playing LoL 1 time every 2 weeks has to be able to move and play as well as the others (ofc the movement will be based on data's collected among higl ELO players across the worlds)

Unfortunately, League of Legends developers are taking the side of the newer players as they try to make the game more inclusive. It makes sense since the jungle role itself is very obscure and not a lot of players like playing it due to the complications.

They feel that these changes will welcome newer players more often to try the jungle role in pre-season 2023, though it is making the veterans in the community a little angry. to say the least.

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