Apex Legends Mobile Beta: All you need to know

Image via EA
Image via EA

Electronic Arts (EA), the publisher of Apex Legends, came up with some exciting news about the famous Battle Royale video game. It was revealed that the maker of this multiplayer game is set to introduce a brand new mobile version, Apex Legends Mobile.

Chad Grenier, Game Director at Apex Legends, mentioned this in a blog post:

Beginning later this month, we're kicking off the first regional beta tests for Apex Legends Mobile. [...] Two years ago we changed the landscape of the battle royale genre, and now we’re aiming to do it again on mobile.

Players can take their pick from the Legendary Characters offered by the game and form squads of three to take part in the Battle Royale matches. A total of 60 players (consisting of 20 squads) can enjoy one Battle Royale match in Apex Legends Mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile Beta: All you need to know

Image via Hydra Gaming (YouTube)
Image via Hydra Gaming (YouTube)

These are a few things that Battle Royale mobile gamers who are excited about Apex Legends Mobile must know:

  • The first regional beta version of the game will become accessible towards the end of April 2021.
  • Pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile is already underway. Players can click here to Pre-Register for the game.
  • The beta version of the game will be restricted to a few thousand players from India and Philippines. It will gradually become available to mobile gamers around the world.
  • The developers guarantee that Apex Legends Mobile will be true to its original. The touch-screen controls have been streamlined to make the Battle Royale experience even better.
  • The game will not support cross-play with PCs or consoles.
  • Apex Legends Mobile can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, once it is available.
  • The title will only initially be available on Android devices only. Later, the game will extend iOS support.

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