Apex Legends Mobile: How to unlock all Legends from New Player Task

How to unlock all Legends from New Player Task (Image via Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile)
How to unlock all Legends from New Player Task (Image via Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile)
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Apex Legends Mobile testing is in full swing and owing to this players can unlock all Legends in-game fairly easily. Unlike the PC version, players can unlock all current Legends by simply logging in to the game daily.

Currently, there are eight playable legends that can be unlocked in Apex Legend Mobile. Unlike the PC version of the game, players will only start with Lifeline unlocked and will have to unlock the rest via daily logins.

Log in daily to unlock new Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile)
Log in daily to unlock new Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile)

As of now, during Beta testing, players can unlock all playable characters on Apex Legends Mobile simply by logging in. This may change when the game goes live in the future. However, players who have already unlocked their legends should have access to them even after the Beta stage ends.

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List of unlockable legends in Apex Legends Mobile

There are eight legends as of now that players can use, with Lifeline being the first one to be unlocked.


A combat medic like no other, Lifeline revives fallen comrades in the heat of battle. While other Legends can also revive fallen teammates, Lifeline stands out for her ability to put up a shield across while reviving, rendering the incoming enemy fire useless.

  • Passive - Combat Medic
  • Tactical - D.O.C Heal Drone
  • Ultimate - Care Package


With the ability to grapple and get away from opponents, alongside firing up a zipline for a quick team rotation, Pathfinder is the ultimate legend for players looking for maximum mobility in-game. He can also gather intel on the next safe zone in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Passive - Insider's Knowledge
  • Tactical - Grappling Hook
  • Ultimate - Zipline Gun


An interdimensional skirmisher, Wraith strikes unsuspecting opponents from the shadows. This legend is to be feared as she can move in and out of the dimension's reality, reappearing out of nowhere to claim her kill. With voices inside her head guiding her, it's difficult to catch Wraith off guard.

  • Passive - Voices From the Void
  • Tactical - Into the Void
  • Ultimate - Dimensional Rift


Raised in the old ways, Bloodhound is an expert tracker on the battlefield. With the ability to sense prey nearby, the slightest disturbance in the environment will give opponents away. Bloodhound can use his ultimate ability, Beast of The Hunt, to move faster, react quicker and spot enemies throughout the map.

  • Passive - Tracker
  • Tactical - Eye of the Allfather
  • Ultimate - Beast of Hunt


A no-nonsense weapons/demolition expert, Bangalore makes her presence known in the Apex arena. With the ability to conceal herself and her teammates during a gunfight using smoke, and calling down "Rolling Thunder" to neutralize targets; this legend lives for the fight.

  • Passive - Double Time
  • Tactical - Smoke Launcher
  • Ultimate - Rolling Thunder


A twisted mind, with a twisted agenda, Caustic doesn't kill for glory, but sport. This legend is deadly in confined spaces as his Nox Gas Traps and Nox Gas Grenades can wipe out entire squads when caught off guard. This is one legend opponents don't want to get trapped with in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Passive - Nox Vision
  • Tactical - Nox Gas Trap
  • Ultimate - Nox Gas Grenade


Heavily armored and protected, Gibraltar dons the role of a tank in Apex Legends Mobile. With the ability to aim down sight with a shield attached to the arm, combined with a defensive shield dome and bombardment ability, this legend excels at keeping opponents at bay.

  • Passive - Gun Shield
  • Tactical - Dome Of Protection
  • Ultimate - Defensive Bombardment


Don't be fooled by Mirage's prankster-like personality. This legend is well adept at bamboozling people with his illusions and decoys. Skilled players will enjoy taking control of Mirage and pulling fast ones on opponents in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Passive - Now You See Me
  • Tactical - Psyche Out
  • Ultimate - Vanishing Act

Over the course of testing, or perhaps post Beta, Respawn Entertainment will definitely add other Apex Legends as well to the game. However, with Season nine kicking off in the main franchise of the game, it's doubtful if new Legends will be coming to Apex Legends Mobile anytime soon at all.

Developers may decide to run with the original eight legends until the game kicks off in terms of downloads and the player base grows to a substantial figure.

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