Apex Legends’ new character, Ash: Everything we know so far

Apex Legends’ new character, Ash: Everything we know so far (Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends’ new character, Ash: Everything we know so far (Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends has announced the release date for Season 11 and fans are ecstatic about its launch for various reasons. The addition of Ash from EA's Titanfall 2 is one of the major reasons.

Ash was first introduced in Apex Legends’ lore way back in Season 5 and the character is now finally making an appearance in the game. Here’s everything we know about Ash that includes her abilities and lore.

Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends: Ash’s lore

Ash’s first appearance was in Titanfall 2, playing the role of a boss enemy. She was a member of the Apex Predators, led by the South African mercenary, Kuben Blisk. As the storyline goes, she battles it out against the protagonist of the game, Jack Cooper, who eventually takes her out.

Ash was never shown in Apex Legends until Season 5. She made an appearance during Season 5’s quest finale, in which legends assembled an artifact for Hammond Robotics in an attempt to find Revenant’s source code. Apex Legends fans were then greeted by Ash’s chilling message:

“all roads lead to branthium. The path ends here. Welcome to Olympus.”

Ash’s reappearance in Season 6 paved the way for key developments in Apex Legends. Horizon was in search of Branthium, a mineral, and Apex Legends fans were brought to the Olympus map that was previously teased by Ash.

Horizon was left stranded near a blackhole and Dr. Ashleigh Reid was responsible for the mishap. Dr. Reid joined the Group and was looking for ways to refine Branthium. She betrayed and sold out the Group, planning to use the phase runner to transport Branthium to the IMC stronghold of Gridiron.

Dr. Amelie Paquette, Wattson’s grandmother, was responsible for gravely injuring Dr. Reid. When Horizon decided to wake Ash up, she did so thinking it was her old friend Lillian Peck, who possibly had information about Horizon’s son. Unfortunately, it was Dr. Reid who was inside Ash. While Dr. Reid assured Horizon that she might know what happened to her son prior to the blast, Ash wants to wipe her out completely.

Ash’s abilities

Apex Legends fans have a fair idea of Ash’s abilities after viewing the Season 11 launch trailer. Her tactical ability would comprise of a knife-like device that can stun targets for a brief moment while dealing a small amount of damage. Her ultimate ability would allow her to teleport between two points, as shown in her battle with Horizon.

As of now, it is unclear if the data knife she used on Caustic is part of her ability kit. There are no official statements from Respawn Entertainment regarding Ash’s abilities, so fans will have to wait.

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