Apex Legends Season 12 “Defiance” revealed: Respawn shows off the next chapter for its lore

Mad Maddie, the latest addition to Apex Legends in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mad Maddie, the latest addition to Apex Legends in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Amlan "M4DM4N" Roy

Apex Legends will kick off Season 12 “Defiance” on February 8, 2022. The new update will accompany several exciting features, including changes to Olympus.

Defiance has been featured by Respawn Entertainment in their latest reveal trailer, which also sheds light on all the upcoming things featured in the update. Like every other developer and publisher, Respawn follows their own recipe for teasing their newest addition through trailers, and this time around brings Mad Maggie.


Map changes and Legends apart, the shooter game also brings a new limited-time game mode called Control. This game mode allows players to dive into the battle royale arena with their own kit and don't need to look for items around the map.

About Apex Legends Season 12 reveal

In Apex Legends’ previous Stories from Outlands video, titled “Judgment,” players were introduced to a new Legend named Mad Maggie. The new character is introduced as a criminal inside the game lore, however, is an extremist freedom fighter.

To punish her for her crimes, the jury had decided to send her into Apex Games where she should find her death. When the defiant character set her foot in the arena, she was set up by a mysterious character named “Mr. Silva.”

Mad Maggie was wrongfully shown to have done something wrong with the Olympus map, which teleported to an unknown location. This indicates that the map might see some changes with the new update and also has happened in previous updates as well.

Now, while Mad Maggie was making her escape from other Legends in the Arena, she ends teaming up with Lifeline and Octane, who weren’t go glad to be with her. Later on in the trailer, when Lifeline asks Mad Maggie to tell her evil plan, she shows a pair of glasses as proof of her innocence.

Mad Maggie might not be the hero the Legends want on their squad, but she might just be the villain they need. See if you can control the madness when Apex Legends: Defiance launches on Feb 8 💥

When Octane saw those pairs of glasses, he exclaimed “papa” which might hint that the mysterious evil character is his father. What Mr. Silva’s motives are or whether he will be a new Legend in the game, later on, are still unknown. However, the light will surely shine on the new lore and give some insight into what might happen next.

For now, players will only get their look at the new Legend, Mad Maggie, who is ready to show her crazy side in the Arenas of Apex Games come February 8.

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