Apex Legends Season 9: YouTuber alleges EA is trying to scam players, explained

ALGS Championship Sale causes various allegations from the Apex Legends community (Image via Sportskeeda)
ALGS Championship Sale causes various allegations from the Apex Legends community (Image via Sportskeeda)

Electronic Arts (EA) has been involved in many controversies in the past decade, and the most recent allegation claims that the company is trying to scam Apex Legends players with the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship Sale.

From being named as the "Worst Company in America" by the Consumerist to being rated as one of the most hated companies in the United States, EA has an extremely shady reputation in the gaming industry.

The company has fought off multiple lawsuits by former employees alleging mistreatment and various other issues.

Apex Legends YouTuber KEVTHEKING99-YT recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, alleging the developers for scamming players while putting up a facade of helping the professional scene.

Here's everything that players need to know about the ALGS Championship Sale in Apex Legends and why it is being termed as a scam for players.

ALGS Championship Sale in Apex Legends

Apex Legends' official Twitter account announced on May 18th that the ALGS Championship prize pool will receive a notable boost of an additional $2 million to take the final figure up to $3 million. However, this announcement also made way for a few changes to the price of the skins available in the ALGS Championship Sale.

The official release from EA reads:

"Starting May 18, item bundles will be sold in the Apex Legends store to boost the prize pool for the ALGS Championship. For each Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed and Silverback bundle purchased, we will add USD $5 to the prize pool and for each Animal Kingdom bundle purchased, we will add USD $20 to the prize pool..."

Although this move from EA seems like a massive boost to the Apex Legends professional scene, the original numbers suggest that the entire operation could be a huge scam.

Soon after the announcement was made, the price of all the skins available in the ALGS Championship Sale was revealed. Given that most of the skins are priced at 2,500 Apex Coins which is equivalent to $25, many fans expected that the developers might introduce a new pack for Apex Coins in the game.

However, as things stand at the moment, players have to buy a $20 pack for 2,150 coins along with a $10 pack for another 1,000 coins, or opt for a $40 pack to receive 4,350 Apex Coins.

This means that despite purchasing a skin worth $25, players will have to shell out a minimum of $30 in Apex Legends Season 9.

Apart from that, players should also note that EA has mentioned a $3 million cap on the prize pool. This further suggests that the company is only willing to provide a limited part of the community's investment.

Any amount that the community spends on buying skins after the additional $2 million mark is achieved will perhaps be going directly into EA's pockets instead of further increasing the prize pool.

While Valve achieved new heights with a prize pool of over $40 million by crowd funding from the annual Battle Pass sales for The International 10, it looks like this move by EA may hinder the growth of the scene rather than uplifting it.

However, whether EA will announce further increments to the prize pool once the limit has been hit is something that the community will have to wait to find. Irrespective of whatever might happen, EA is definitely trying to implement new methods to enhance the growth of Apex Legends' professional scene.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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