Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact: Everything known so far

Arataki Itto is a character mentioned several times in Genshin Impact's world (Image via Genshin Impact)
Arataki Itto is a character mentioned several times in Genshin Impact's world (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact has a diverse cast of characters, and the roster increases with each new update. Many of the new characters are teased in the lore and background details, like how Hu Tao made her first appearances on the signs in Liyue.

With that being said, Arataki Itto is a mysterious fighter from Inazuma who shows up in both dialog and signs. Genshin Impact pays strong attention to detail, and players leave no stone unturned while hunting down new character information.

Genshin Impact: Everything known about Arataki Itto so far

Arataki Itto is a character who makes many appearances across Inazuma, boasting about his skills and challenging others to duels. However, the players never get to meet him in person. They simply learn about his impact through signs posted across the region.

Itto seems to be a prideful man who believes in his strength and power, but ironically, seems to lose many of his duels.

As an overly competitive fighter, Itto has challenged the likes of Kujou Sara and, possibly, Yae Miko. Unfortunately for him, he lost against the former which resulted in his Vision being stripped away.

Ever since, he's traveled all across Inazuma, challenging Sara to a duel. Interestingly, he will only battle her in traditional Sumo fashion.

What is known about Arataki Itto's history

Some of this information is more about Itto's background, as the character's duels reveal a lot about his history. In one instance, he challenged a lady with kitsune ears to a ramen eating contest, but almost died from eating the beans.

This is likely a reference to how in Japanese folklore, Oni die from consuming beans. Apart from that, it may also allude to Arataki Itto being of Oni descent.

Itto even describes himself as an Oni, and other characters have mentioned his horns in dialog. Notably, Sara has also referred to him as an Oni which all but guarantees Itto's powerful heritage.

Oni have been seen before in Genshin Impact, as one of Raiden Shogun's early friends, Chiyo, appeared to be one. She may have been Arataki Itto's predecessor or even one of his direct ancestors.

What other characters have to say about Arataki Itto

Several characters in Genshin Impact have lines discussing Arataki Itto and his boisterous personality. Kujou Sara mentions his unfettered rage after she confiscated his Vision, and then urges players to personally ask him about it.

Yoimiya's voicelines paint Arataki Itto as a kind individual who just has too much free time to mess around. He's very popular with children, though he is incredibly competitive.

He even duels with Yoimiya over simple items like ramen, though she doesn't know too much about his gang activities.

Even the Raiden Shogun herself mentions Arataki, though she simply responds with a question; it appears that she hasn't had to deal with him. It's quite ironic that as much as he's tried to stir up a fuss in Inazuma, the Shogun still knows nothing about him.

The good news is, usually when a character is mentioned in voicelines, they end up becoming playable. With Itto being mentioned by so many characters, it's likely he will become playable at some stage.

Arataki Itto leaks

While the rest of the information about Itto has been confirmed by the game itself, leaks have provided some extra revelations. It appears that Itto is getting some changes in Genshin Impact's beta, with mentions of him wielding a Claymore.

This would fit his overwhelming strength and proud personality, though fans will need to wait for more concrete information.

There is also a rumor claiming that Arataki Itto will be a Geo Claymore 5-star character, though this is unsubstantiated. However, the leaks did somewhat predict Thoma's kit, so fans may want to give it a chance.

Genshin Impact 2.2 will be launching in around a month, so it won't be long until more leaks are confirmed or denied in this post.

Genshin Impact has tons of upcoming characters, and Arataki Itto could possibly arrive in a future update.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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