Are there any more classes coming to Lost Ark in 2022?

Lost Ark has several classes to choose from (Image via Smilegate)
Lost Ark has several classes to choose from (Image via Smilegate)
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Lost Ark launched in the EU and NA with five main classes, but is missing some from the Korean version of the game.

These five classes have around 15 advanced classes to choose from. This sets them apart and lets players branch out on different paths even if they select the same class as another.


With the massive success of the game's launch, it shouldn't be long before additional classes are added to the game. That could bring nine new specializations to the MMORPG.

Classes missing from the Lost Ark launch in the west

A look at the Martial Artist class (Image via Smilegate)
A look at the Martial Artist class (Image via Smilegate)

The nine classes are advanced classes added to the base classes of Lost Ark. These have been available in the Korean version and one was even slated to arrive in the EU/NA version before being replaced with another at launch.

It has been a controversial topic regarding gender-locked classes. These unreleased classes that will arrive to the game at some point will also follow the gender-locked theme.

The Berserker class has massive damage output (Image via Smilegate)
The Berserker class has massive damage output (Image via Smilegate)

This means that a different gender being added to an already existing advanced class may technically be considered a brand new class. Here are all of the missing classes that should be added to the western edition of Lost Ark:

  • Destroyer: This is an advanced Warrior class. The Destroyer wields a powerful hammer and deals more damage than just about any other class.
  • Summoner: Summoner was replaced by the Sorceress Mage class at launch. When it arrives, users will be able to summon monsters to help in battle ranging from a flock of birds to a hammer-wielding knight who strikes with lightning attacks.
  • Lance Master: Lance Master is an advanced class under Martial Artist. The class allows for crowd clearing damage via sweeping attacks that cover plenty of area.
  • Scouter: Scouter adds another advanced class to the Gunner. This technology-based class makes use of a drone to tear through opponents.
  • Arcana: As another advanced Mage class, Arcana brings a TCG element to Lost Ark. The class draws cards from a deck to trigger powerful magic.
  • Reaper: Reapers come from the Assassin class. It can send out clones, cloak itself, and attack with unforseeable quickness.
  • Artist: The Artist will arrive as part of a brand new main class, the Specialist. Players will use a giant paint brush to deal damage and support allies.
  • Aeromancer: Aeromancer is a wind-based attacker that hasn't arrived in any version of Lost Ark just yet. It is being teased as another Specialist advanced class.
  • Female Berserker: The Berserker melee class is an advanced class in the Warrior tree. Right now, it is gender-locked to male. Smilegate has been teasing a female availability for this class that could arrive in 2022.

No specific timeline has been given on when these classes will arrive, but they are sure to make an impact as soon as Smilegate adds them to the game. The more content for Lost Ark, the better.

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