Which Lost Ark classes are gender locked and which ones are not?

Some classes in Lost Ark are gender locked (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Some classes in Lost Ark are gender locked (Image via Smilegate RPG)

One of the most crucial aspects for Lost Ark players is the character creation and selection of the class they wish to pursue.

Character creation is essential since every player will want to individualize them as much as possible. While the fantastical world of Arkesia takes things far from the world of reality, players can still imbibe their personalities into their characters. Therefore, classes act as the most critical factor in character creation.

Players can choose from five classes, and each class comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Once players grow in level, there are even advanced classes they will be able to choose based on their base class. While there's endless customization available for each class, gender is a limiting factor. Several classes in Lost Ark only have a single-gender, and it's essential to know for a player before they set off on their journey.

Several classes are available in only one gender in Lost Ark

As mentioned before, there are five main classes in the game. Among the five:

  • Mage and Assassins are only available as females.
  • Warrior is available only as males.
  • Martial Artist and Gunner are available as both males and females.

So it's pretty clear to players which classes will not have the option to switch their genders. The further stage of choosing comes at level 10, when players will get an option to choose an advanced class.


Advanced classes branching out of warriors, mages, and assassins will be naturally locked to their original genders. But players who start as martial artists and gunner will have the option to follow paths of different genders as per their wishes.


The martial artist class has four advanced classes, out of which only the striker is available as a male option. The other three (soul fist, wardancer, and scrapper) are available as females only.


When it comes to the gunner, there are four advanced classes. Out of the four, only the gunslinger is available as female-only. All three other advanced classes (artillerist, sharpshooter, and deadeye) are male-only advanced classes.

While this has caused dissatisfaction among fans, Smilegate has already informed fans of their intentions to bring gender-based counterparts to more advanced classes. However, players starting Lost Ark right now will have to contend with these sets of choices.

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