What's the best beginner class in Lost Ark?

The Warrior is uniquely easy to pick up (Image via YouTube/Smilegate)
The Warrior is uniquely easy to pick up (Image via YouTube/Smilegate)
Brady Meyers

With 15 playable classes, choosing the best beginner class in Lost Ark is no small feat. Not every player has the same playstyle, and each unique class in the game aims to satisfy that.

It’s worth pushing aside a few caveats. First off, every class is viable in endgame content. That means the best beginner class should, first and foremost, be about having fun. Secondly, the game has PVE and PVP, which may influence your choice.

Lastly, character progression doesn’t matter as much as account progression. If you reach the end as a berserker, there are bonuses you’ll have collected that make it easier to start a new class.

Lost Ark: The best beginner class for new players


Keeping the preface in mind, arguably the best class for beginners and new players is the Warrior. The Warrior isn’t exactly unique in the realm of RPGs, but Lost Ark has a refreshing take on the traditional warrior class. This is primarily due to the Warrior’s distinct subclasses that you’ll eventually gain access to.

The Warrior also provides two very useful talents: damage and survivability. This is incredibly important for new players, especially if you are playing Lost Ark mostly solo.

There is nothing worse than, say, playing a Mage and being a squishy damage-dealer but dying quickly. As a Warrior, you can rely purely on yourself.


That natural tankiness extends to all of the Warrior’s subclasses as well. No matter which route you take, Berserker, Gunlancer, Paladin, you will retain a large health pool and a great deal of defensive stats.

Of course, it varies slightly, but nonetheless, it’s a trait the Warrior keeps throughout.

Most importantly, if you are playing with friends or constantly seeking allies, the Warrior can fill other roles. For example, if an ally is playing a defensive-oriented class (a tank), you can focus on being a Paladin or Berserker.

Paladins offer great buffs, healing, and good damage; Berserkers are focused entirely on dealing with death.


Lost Ark is set to launch worldwide on February 11, 2022, for PCs. When you finally log in, your best bet is to play the Warrior as a new player.

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