What we know about Lost Ark's story and the island of Arkesia so far

The game will be released on February 11 (Image via Lost Ark)
The game will be released on February 11 (Image via Lost Ark)

Lost Ark may not be a new game due to its prior existence in South Korea, but the MMORPG is coming to the western shores for the first time.

Co-developed by Smilegate RPG and Tripod studios, the game will be published by Amazon games. Due to its overall positive review on Steam, many fans have been asking about what the game is in its entirety and if it's a brand-new game altogether. With the game's western release coming soon, there has been a lot of excitement about the free-to-play game.


While there will be some changes in the game for the western audience, most of the things of the title will stay the same. This has allowed the community to make educated guesses about what new players can expect.

Everything known about Lost Ark so far

Origins and gameplay


Originally released in South Korea, Lost Ark is a successful MMORPG that's completely free-to-play. The game was first launched in 2019 and is built on Unreal Engine 3. Since its release, Lost Ark has won several rewards, and starting February 11, Western audiences will get a glimpse of the game.

Lost Ark takes players to the land of Arkesia where there are plenty of things to do and quests to complete. There are no limitations as players have multiple classes and various weapons to choose from. As far as activities are concerned, players can experience both PvE and PvP activities in the game.

The unique thing about gameplay is the 2.5x isometric view. For a simpler description, the game adopts the same viewing style as games like Diablo and Path of Exile. This view adds a sense of innovation to a tried-and-tested formula. It also allows plenty of enemies to appear on the screen together which adds to a different level of satisfaction when the player slays all of them.

Premise of the game and the choices it offers

The main objective of the game is for the player to search for an artifact called Ark. The Ark was saved from the lands of Arkesia but is now threatened once again by a character called Kazeros. As Kazeros threatens to upset all the balance, the player will have to once again explore the lands in search of the Ark to banish the villain.

On that journey, players can choose from up to five classes, which will then branch out to further sub-classes. Players have the freedom to build their characters as they feel like. Barring a few limitations, the game truly allows the players to ensure that every character stays as distinct as possible.

The Lost Ark can be downloaded and played starting from February 11. There's an early access period which starts on February 8 but it's only meant for those who have received the Founder's pack. It remains to be seen if the MMORPG can recreate the success it had in Asia.