Every available class in the western version of Lost Ark

Protect, support, or cause havoc with these classes (Image via Smilegate)
Protect, support, or cause havoc with these classes (Image via Smilegate)

The popular MMORPG Lost Ark has captivated millions of players across several countries, including Japan, Russia, and Korea. On February 11th, 2022, Lost Ark will officially launch for all in North America.

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Lost Ark brings exhilarating combat, a beautiful world, and tons of customization. There are also various main classes to play, which have their own advanced variants.

Here’s every available class that the western audience has to look forward to.

Playable main and advanced classes that are coming to the NA version of Lost Ark

The Warrior


Warriors can soak up damage, dish it out, or provide support in one of three advanced classes: Berserkers, Gunslingers, and Paladins, respectively.

Berserkers wield greatswords, and cause maximum pain with skills like Whirlwind and Tempest Slash. A nice contrast is the Gunlancer, whose Guardian's Protection and Hook Chain protect allies and keep the attention of enemies on the Gunlancer. Paladins fall somewhere in the middle with their affinity for damage and buffs.

Martial Artist


The Martial Artist class specializes in hand-to-hand combat, branching off into one of four advanced classes: Striker, Wardance, Scrapper, and Soulfist.

Strikers weave aerial combos like Moon Flash Kick and True Heavenly Awakening. Wardancers charge their fists with the elements and unleash them with devastating elemental attacks like Flash Heat Fang and Lightning Kick.

Scrappers wield heavy gauntlets to maximize attack, defense, and mobility. They control the battlefield with Undefeated Dragon King and Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination. Soulfists use a unique mix of melee and ranged attacks for powerful combos like Magnetic Palm into Heavenly Squash.



Unlike Warriors, the Gunner hangs out in the back as one of four advanced variants: Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, and Sharpshooter.

Gunslinger and Deadeye wield multiple firearms, one for a different occasion. Gunslingers would fire off a single round with Eye of Twilight as soon as they would use an explosive Last Request. Deadeyes can rain rounds with Meteor Stream and Death Fire.

Artillerists are like walking tanks, and use heavy armor and equally heavy firearms. Players can get personal with a Flamethrower or keep their distance with a Gatling Gun. Sharpshooters are traditional archers with stealth mechanics and can fire off a single arrow with Charged Shot or slip through enemy forces with Golden Eye.



Mages will have two specializations at launch: the Bard and Sorceress. Bards sacrifice damage for powerful supportive magic; a Sorceress deals as much harm as possible.

She provides a boost to attack speed and MP regeneration with Heavenly Tune or help deal damage with Oratorio. Players can combine the elements to deal massive damage as a Sorceress with abilities like Frost Explosion and Incinerate.



Assassin is another melee-centric class like the Warrior and Martial Artist. What makes Assassin different is where the class' power comes from: demonic energy. The fun comes from using demonic powers in unique ways.

For example, Shadowhunters can harness demonic energy to create powerful beams of death like Demon Vision. They can also summon a demonic sidekick with Demonic Clone to deal heavy damage. Deathblades focus their demonic energy into all three swords. Players can dash forward with Flash Blink or charge a deadly Soul Absorber.

What's changed for the western version?

@sorrowblade The Summoner class will be available in Lost Ark in the future, and added in post-launch.

Some minor and major changes are coming to the western version of Lost Ark. For example, most classes have been renamed like the Holy Knight to Paladin.

Other minor changes deal with the aesthetics. Some outfits have been altered to be less revealing. NPC diversity is also one of Smilegate's goals.

The most significant change in the western version of Lost Ark will be the available content. For example, not every class will be unlocked on launch day, like the Summoner.

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