"Are you kidding me?"- Tyler1 responds to being asked whether he would take a gambling sponsorship

Tyler1 is also a content creator for the esports org T1 (Image via Tyler1/Twitch)
Tyler1 is also a content creator for the esports org T1 (Image via Tyler1/Twitch)

The raging debate regarding gambling in the streaming community has been reeling in all the big names. Tyler1 is the latest streamer to join the fray. The streamer has added another layer to the ongoing decision while reacting to a viewer's query about whether or not he would take a gambling sponsorship in exchange for a massive payout.

Read on to find out on which side the LoL pro is on and why along with how fans are reacting to his statements.

Will Tyler1 take a gambling sponsorship?

(start watching from 10:58:47 to see the full clip)

The clip is sarcastically named "big t's got principles" by an anti-gambling viewer (@vonsway_). This is in reference to the streamer very clearly stating that it would be stupid not to take a gambling sponsorship if the sponsor is offering a gigantic sum of money.

A viewer had asked the streamer if he would take 20 million USD a month for a gambling sponsorship, to which the streamer’s response was this:

"YEAH. You stupid? 20 million dollars a month for a gambling sponsorship? Yeah, I don't give a f**k."

In the viral clip, Tyler1 also went on to reveal his average monthly income from streaming and how it makes it all the more clear why a streamer, even an extremely popular one such as himself, would take a gambling sponsorship regardless of if he supported the practice or not.

"I make 200 dollars a month right now. Are you kidding me? Who would not take 20 million dollars a month?"

He also sheds light on the fact that streamers will often look to improve their income instead of trying to benefit their viewers.

"Oh, the viewers? I don't give a f**k. I don't care, bro. If you guys get scammed, if you guys waste your money, that's not my problem."

The streamer also made a hilarious remark towards the end where he insinuated that for that amount of money, he would scam his viewers himself. This comment was made in an effort to emphasize how much money that really is.

"20 million dollars a month! F**king I'll scam you for 20 million dollars. I do not care. What kind of dumba** question is that?"

When questioned later in the stream whether he would take a similar sponsorship but for a less amount of money, he remained unresponsive. That is one of the central questions occupying the minds of the fans who are still discussing this clip.

Fans react to Tyler1 saying he'll take a gambling sponsorship

The gambling sponsorships and gambling streams debate has been prevalent in the community for quite some time now, particularly after xQc took such a sponsor and publicly revealed the scale of his gambling interest.

Tyler1, who happens to be another super popular member of the community, weighing in on the subject is sure to evoke several reactions from fans and other streamers alike.

Amid the intense discussion, some fans hilariously observed that the streamer taking a gambling sponsorship doesn't necessarily mean he will gamble on stream.

Tyler1 is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, primarily known for his League of Legends gameplay and his boisterous on-stream attitude. And he also won the Best League of Legends Streamer award at the Streamer Awards.

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