Tyler1 announces he is going to South Korea for “Autofill to Challenger” series

Tyler1 announced that he would go to South Korea for his upcoming challenger series (Image via Tyler1/Twitch)
Tyler1 announced that he would go to South Korea for his upcoming challenger series (Image via Tyler1/Twitch)

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 made a surprising announcement during a recent broadcast.

While interacting with his fans during the initial moments of his stream, Tyler revealed that he would soon be moving out of his trailer house in the coming months as he and his girlfriend purchased a new home.

As he continued to announce a series of things to keep his audience interested, the Twitch streamer said he would visit South Korea for a brief amount of time with fellow League of Legends player and streamer Tarzaned.

Tyler1 will soon head to South Korea for next League of Legends series

Tyler1 is one of the most prominent League of Legends streamers on the platform and is known for hosting a series of challenging playthroughs.

The 27-year-old recently finished his "Support to Challenger" series, where he climbed from the lowest rank in the game to the highest while playing as a Support.

After reaching the highest rank on the competitive ladder in the game after playing five different roles, Tyler announced that his next series would consist of him going to South Korea and dominating the Korean competitive scene.

The South Korean ranked ladder is the most challenging ladder to climb. Former North American rank one player Ashkan "TF Blade" had attempted to reach rank one on the Korean server but could not do so.

During his most recent stream, Tyler1 surprised his fans by saying that he will soon move out of his current house. Following this, he went on to say:

"Also, a little bit of other news, I bet you guys are probably going to find this exciting. Right?"

VOD for the clip begins at 00:07:29

After exciting his viewers for the second announcement in a row, the Missouri native finally revealed:

"Guys, are you ready? Guys! I am going to be doing something crazy."

He paused for a second to increase the anticipation level before saying:

"We are going to be doing uh... Autofill to Challenger. Except, we're going to be doing that in (South) Korea, with Tarzaned alongside of us."

The internet personality gave out a tentative time frame for this huge event:

"And that is also going to be late April. That is going to be it. So we have two weeks to focus on NA (North American servers), get our mechanics down, get the micro down, and everything down so that we are ready to go!"

In conclusion, Tyler1 comically stated:

"Guys, if and when I do the Autofill to Challenger on Korea, on that server, I am the undisputed GOAT, greatness of god, everywhere! Let that be known, guys."

Wasting no more time, the internet star queued for the first game of the day and decided to play as Sion in the Top lane.

Reddit reacts to Tyler1's latest announcement

Fans on Reddit were enthralled by the surprising announcement that the American streamer made.

Many were shocked to hear that Tarzaned would be joining him on his new venture.

Tyler currently has 4.8 million followers on his Twitch channel and gets an average viewership of 20k people, making him one of the platform's biggest League of Legends content creators.

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