5 Twitch streamers who lost it at viewers

Twitch streamers who lost it at their viewers during livestream (Image via Pokimane and xQc/Twitter)
Twitch streamers who lost it at their viewers during livestream (Image via Pokimane and xQc/Twitter)
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Twitch streamers and content creators need to maintain a healthy relationship with their viewers to stay relevant and have a stable fanbase. But there have been times when a certain group of Twitch streamers have lost their cool and blasted their viewers.

This list dives into Twitch streamers and influencers who got severely angry at their viewers. Many of these streamers made headlines for their antics and, to this day, got flack for expressing their rage towards the viewers.

5 Twitch streamers who remembered for their iconic tirades

5) BadBunny


Popularly known as BadBunny, Nicole was labeled the greediest Twitch streamer. The incident went viral back in 2020 when BadBunny berated her viewers in the Twitch chat for not subscribing to her Twitch channel.

Her unwarranted rage towards viewers led the Twitch streamer to get banned from the platform soon enough. BadBunny tried to justify her actions by mentioning that she had been joking the entire time.

4) InvaderVie


Canadian Twitch streamer InvaderVie went viral back in 2020 after a five-minute-long clip gained a lot of traction where she shamed her viewers by begging them to subscribe to her Twitch channel.

Having been called one of the most entitled Twitch streamers to exist on the platform, InvaderVie said the following where she lost her cool at the viewers present in her chat lobby:

"Here's the deal, it doesn't really matter how much money you make or how much money you have. That's really the thing because I am not asking you for a large financial contribution. If it costs $20 to sub; $20 is quite a bit of money. $20 is, you can get a full meal for $20 and the difference of $20 and eating a meal is in that twenty dollars. But a sub is $5 at maximum in whatever your currency is, it's maybe ten dollars."

This statement of hers led to a lot of attention, following which she made an apology video, explaining how tone-deaf she sounded during the rant.

3) xQc

Felix "xQc," one of the most popular Twitch streamers and the former Overwatch professional player, is no stranger when it comes to raging at his viewers and fans present in his Twitch chat.

During one of his livestreams in 2022, a viewer called the content creator a "part-time streamer," which infuriated xQc. Comparing his work schedule with that of the viewer who wanted to stir some controversy, xQc went hard on them and said:

โ€œB***h. On my off weeks I stream about one and a half times the amount that you would work at a full time job. B***h. Call me a part time streamer. F**k you! Who are you? You probably don't even go to all your classes. Okay at f***ing part time school, eight-ten hours a week? F**k you!โ€

2) Sykkuno


Thomas "Sykkuno" is one of the most wholesome and soft-spoken Twitch streamers. It is pretty rare to see Sykkuno go off on his viewers, but in 2021, a viewer seemed to trigger the broadcaster differently.

As soon as he started his daily livestream, a viewer seemingly poked a joke by telling him to end the stream. After reading what the viewer had to say, Sykkuno timed them out of his chat so that they could not post any more messages for a given amount of time.

Expressing his frustration about the situation, Sykkuno said:

"I just started my stream, like two minutes ago, you already want me to end it? I am just going to time this guy out, that's rude. Imagine showing up to my stream, within five minutes of it starting, to tell me to end my stream. What a maniac."

1) Pokimane

Imane "Pokimane" is one of the most popular female Twitch streamers who has gone on to win the prestigious Legacy Streamer award during the Streamer Awards 2022, hosted by Blaire "QTCinderella."

However, there have been moments featuring the star streaming going berserk on her viewers throughout her streaming career. During her stream back in December 2021, Pokimane went off against various parasocial viewers in her Twitch chat.

Enraged by the viewer's messages, Pokimane lost it at them when she said:

"Just to ask me the most weird and random questions about my friends. Have you met this person? Why arent you following this person? Go do this, go do that. Oh my god, Meeyong is live. This person said this, this person said... stop!"

Pokimane banned a Twitch user because of the spammy messages they had been sending to her. As a concluding remark, Pokimane pleaded with her fans by saying:

"But please stop trying to psychoanalyze or micro manage my friendships or relationships with others or asking so many weird, repetitive and obsessive questions! I live my private life off stream!"

There are several examples of streamers like Ninja blowing up and creating meme history. But the individuals on this list have cemented their memory in the recent Twitch legacy.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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