“I shouldn’t have said that, that was rude”: Pokimane hilariously roasts Twitch streamer Buddha’s personal computer

Twitch streamers Pokimane, Buddha, Sykkuno and Valkyrae were seen playing Fortnite together (Images via Pokimanelol and Buddha/Twitter)
Twitch streamers Pokimane, Buddha, Sykkuno and Valkyrae were seen playing Fortnite together (Images via Pokimanelol and Buddha/Twitter)

Imane "Pokimane" planned on practicing and perfecting her gameplay for the immensly popular battle royale game, Fortnite. She has a tournament lined up for the game in the coming days where she will be teaming up with her buddies Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Buddha.

While waiting for one of her team members in the pre-game lobby, Pokimane mentioned how Buddha kept disconnecting from the game as his PC kept crashing for one reason or another. After hilariously roasting Buddha's computer in the pre-game lobby, the Twitch star quickly realized that the roast was too hard when she said:

"I shouldn't have said that, that was rude."

Pokimane roasts Buddha's PC while practising for Fortnite


The Moroccan-Canadian streamer was seen playing Fornite during one of her most recent streams, where she and her squad dedicated the entirety of their stream to practicing and perfecting the gameplay and improving their game knowledge.

Right before the squad loaded up into the game, one of the team member's PCs started to hassle up. The team member in question was Buddha, who is a very famous Grand Theft Auto 5 role-player.

Talking about how Buddha's PC keeps on crashing, Pokimane started to talk about this when she first mentioned:

"Oh no! Buddha's computer is going boom-boom! Bro, please!"

Continuing to express her frustration, Poki took a slight diss against Buddha's PC when she roasted it by saying:

"Bro, did he buy his PC from the Dollar Store? This man is always having problems."

When other members of the team started to question what was going on and why the game hadn't started yet, Poki contemplated her roast against Buddha's PC and said that it was too harsh of a roast.

She continued to talk about this subject:

"But, did he?"

A viewer in her chat who went by the name lunasxdecay mentioned that Buddha had received his PC from the defamed PC building company, Artesian Builds. Sharing her opinion on Artesian Builds, Poki said:

"Oh, he got it from Artesian Builds. Are those the guys who did the giveaway and then they took back the giveaway because the person wasn't clouted enough? So, he did get it from the Dollar Store! That's crazy. No way! Oh my god!"

The Twitch star burst out laughing following her other roast directed at Buddha's computer. Moving on to conclude this subject, the Twitch content creator stated that:

"I am so excited to play today, actually. Let's go! Buddha has a mansion but a five dollar computer, it's actually true! Does anyone know if his birthday is coming up? Asking for a friend. He's the friend I am asking for."

She soon loaded up into the game and streamed her practice-oriented gameplay for the next four hours while she queued up with her buddies.

Fans react to Pokimane's roast against Buddha's PC

Audiences present in the Twitch streamer's chat had a hearty laugh after hearing what the content creator had to say against Buddha's PC. Some viewers suggested that Buddha was using a CyberPower PC instead of Artesian Builds.

Fans reacting to the streamer's take (Images via Pokimane/Twitch chat)
Fans reacting to the streamer's take (Images via Pokimane/Twitch chat)

Pokimane has been seen playing Fortnite ever since its zero-build mode was made a permanent game mode. Since then, she has gone on to compete in Ludwig's Fortnite Monday, a streamer-only invitational event where her team, consisting of the same members, ranked third.