Pokimane announces reaching 9 million followers on Twitch, fans rejoice

Pokimane celebrates a massive milestone on stream (Image via Pokimanelol/Twitter)
Pokimane celebrates a massive milestone on stream (Image via Pokimanelol/Twitter)

Twitch star Imane "Pokimane" has become one of the first female streamers and content creators to hit the massive 9 million followers mark on the livestreaming platform. Ever since she kick-started her streaming career back in 2013, the streamer has become one of the biggest and most influential personalities on Twitch.

During one of her most recent livestreams, Pokimane received a donation message from a viewer in her Twitch chat, which notified her that she had crossed having more than 9 million followers on her main Twitch channel. Delighted and humbled by this message, she thanked her viewers and hopped on Twitter to share her impressive achievements with her fans and streaming peers.

Fans celebrate Pokimane's Twitch channel hitting 9 million followers

The streamer celebrated her previous milestone of hitting eight million followers last year in July.


Reacting to the event last year, Poki said the following in order to thank her viewers and show her appreciation:

“Thanks, chat. Thanks, guys! I don’t even know what to say. Thank you so much for dummy thick number. 8 million on Twitch, I appreciate you guys so much. You know Twitch is my home. It’s where I started my internet journey and I am so happy to still be here and I am happy that it feels like in a sense that I left my mark."

Fast-forwarding to the present time, it took the streamer less than twelve months to hit another huge milestone of reaching a following of a massive 9 million people on her channel. She tweeted:

"Thanks for 9 mil."

The tweet went viral as it sat at having more than thirty-thousand likes within eight hours of posting it. A number of her friends, like Valkyrae were seen in the reply section, commending and hyping her glorious achievement.

Many other Twitch streamers and content creators like FaZe NICKMERCS, Aria Saki, Natsumi, and Bella Poarch congratulated Pokimane for her feat.

Jidon "JiDion" too was present in the reply section where he was seen saying, "Congrats Queen."

VTuber Ironmouse, who is currently the most subscribed female Twitch streamer, was present in the reply section of this tweet.

A number of Poki's loyal fans and audiences participated in commending their favorite streamer and showered her with positive and wholesome messages.

The Twitter thread continues to gain more traction as time goes by. More and more influential Twitch streamers will be seen commenting and providing their best wishes for the content creator.

Pokimane has been awarded a number of accolades over the past few years due to her immense influence in the streaming sphere over the course of time. The Twitch star went on to win the prestigious Legacy Award during the 2022 Streamer Awards that were held in March 2022.


It does not seem that her mission to become the best content creator on Twitch will stop anytime soon.