“I had zero expectations of winning”: Pokimane talks about winning the Legacy Award at the Streamer Awards 2022

Pokimane talks about her experience at the Streamer Awards 2022 (Images via Pokimane/YouTube)
Pokimane talks about her experience at the Streamer Awards 2022 (Images via Pokimane/YouTube)

Imane "Pokimane" shared her experience at The Streamer Awards, hosted by Twitch streamer Blaire "QTCinderella." A vlog uploaded by the content creator on her main YouTube channel on March 20, 2022, showcased the streamer's journey during the award ceremony.

After winning the prestigious Legacy Award, Pokimane expressed her gratitude for it and mentioned that she did not think it would land up winning the award. Telling how she had no expectations of winning an award on the show, the Twitch star said:

"When I tell you I had zero expectations of winning, I really mean zero."

Pokimane was flattered after winning the Legacy Award at The Streamer Awards 2022


The Moroccan-Canadian streamer is one of the most influential female streamers on the platform and has established her brand on a whole new level. Competing against streamers like Chance "Sodapoppin," Scarra and Summit1G, Pokimane emerged victorious when her loyal fans voted her for the Legacy Streamer.

Thanking her fans and being shocked after winning an award, the streamer said:

"I can't believe I won something. I didn’t think that I would win anything at all."

After explaining that she had no expectations of winning any awards at The Streamer Awards 2022, she continued to talk about the subject by mentioning:

"Like, I literally told other people that I think Soda should win."

Rolling back to a previous clip where she was seen talking about the various nominations for the given award, the streamer said that she would've voted for Sodapoppin as she said:

"The person I would give this to is absolutely Sodapoppin. Soda has been streaming like since Twitch was created. When I started streaming, I looked to Soda, when I grew, Iooked to soda, Even today, I look to Soda and this dude is still out here doing new things, playing a variety of games, maintaining steady viewership, like he does so much and he's been doing it."

Transitioning back to the vlog, Poki continued her address:

"I've been watching streamers for almost a decade now, so to me he's a legacy streamer and I am so flattered that, I guess like this generation or this community; the group of people that voted, they view me that way!"

Continuing to express her appreciation towards the audience who made it possible for her to win the award, Pokimane thanked her fans:

"People literally voted and I won and I didn't even ask anyone to vote for me. So it blows my mind and I feel like I deserve it!"

As a concluding remark, the content creator mentioned:

"I just really want to say thank you to anyone who voted, who is watching this right now, who supports me in any way. Like, if you have kindess for me in your heart, that is the one thing that keeps me, you know, making content and pushing through the stuff. This makes me so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Fans react to Pokimane's thoughts

Fans and audiences in the YouTube comment section had a very wholesome reaction to the content creator's video. They showered her with positive messages and congratulated her for winning such a huge award.

Fans congratulating and commending the streamer (Images via Pokimane/YouTube)
Fans congratulating and commending the streamer (Images via Pokimane/YouTube)

Pokimane is one of the biggest content creators on the streaming platform and co-founder of OfflineTV (OTV). Currently, the streamer is followed by 8.9 million people and averages 17k viewers per stream.