Are xQc & Adept back together again? Here is what we know so far

xQc and Adept are back together again (Image via xQc)
xQc and Adept are back together again (Image via xQc)

xQc and Adept made a really good couple, and they were also a fan-favorite Twitch duo. Unfortunately, their relationship hasn't been the smoothest. The two have gone through multiple rough patches and were often seen fighting on livestreams. Regardless, a previous tweet from xQc about the two being apart was devastating for fans.

Weeks after the news of their break-up, Adept was spotted during one of xQc's livestreams. This quickly started the rumors about whether xQc and Adept are back together again. Although neither of the streamers has confirmed they are together, there are several hints that suggest they are.

It seems like xQc and Adept tried to hide the fact that they are together again for a few days. However, they are doing a really poor job of hiding their relationship since the couple is all over the internet, dropping hints about them being together.


xQc and Adept drop hints at being back together again

If the fact that Adept has been staying with xQc in his house for the past few weeks isn't enough to make fans believe that they are together, there are several other hints. She had previously appeared on xQc's stream, where the duo talked about getting food together.

Many fans have also pointed out that they could hear xQc shouting in the back of Adept's stream. This means that the duo has been living together for quite some time after they announced that they are apart.

xQc and Adept share a romantic moment on Twitter

xQc isn't really as active on Twitter, and he only posts when he has something important to share. However, he recently took one of the rare opportunities to tweet and share an image of himself and Adept hugging.

The intimate hug should be proof enough that the streamers are dating again. If fans are still wondering if xQc and Adept are back together again, the answer is not certain yet as the couple have still not made it official again, unlike their break up a few weeks ago.

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