Ark Lost Island guide: How to tame Amargasaurus

Introducing the Amargasaurus (Image via Ark Lost Island)
Introducing the Amargasaurus (Image via Ark Lost Island)
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Ark Lost Island, the latest expansion map of the popular game, brings an animated map to survive in and introduces the players to three new creatures - to hunt and tame. The Amargasaurus is an imposing presence, stepping onto the battlefield and shooting projectiles with elemental effects.


In real life, the Amargasaurus was a sauropod living in the early Cretaceous period and could grow up to more than thirty feet in length. The protruding neck spikes on the animal are distinctive and can be fired in Ark with three effects to choose from - Armor spikes, Heat spikes and Cold spikes.

What do players need to do to tame the Sinomacrops in Ark Lost Island

In the dossier's description of the creature, Helena Walker states that:

"[The] spines are a remarkable adaptation, giving Amargasaurus unmatched control of its body temperature. Made even more marvelous by their time on this ARK, their spines store both extreme heat AND extreme cold, effectively allowing Amargasaurus to live comfortably in any environment.
Its sails also make it an abnormally capable swimmer, for a sauropod. Unlike most sauropods, Amargasaurus is very prone to violent aggression, attacking most predators (and humans!) on sight."
Dossier information on the Amargasaurus (Image via Ark Lost Island)
Dossier information on the Amargasaurus (Image via Ark Lost Island)

The Ark wiki states that Amargasaurus can be tamed non-violently. Players can follow these steps to do so:

  • To start the taming, the player needs to feed the Amargasaurus Exceptional Kibble or any crops or berries.
  • The player needs to drink items like Calien Soup or Fria Curry to sync temperature with the Amargasaurus.
  • Once this is done, the dinosaur will follow the player and become highly aggressive towards other creatures. Players have to help the dinosaur kill other creatures to gain taming points. Mistakenly hitting the Amargasaurus will result in it becoming aggressive towards the player.
  • Players are advised to carry Sweet Veggie Cake to restore health if the Amargasaurus takes damage. Excessive damage will lessen the taming effectiveness.
  • Continue the process until the creature is tamed.

Alternatively, players can trap the Amargasaurus and make the whole process simpler. Using a trap allows the player control over where the Amargasaurus is. One can do so by following the above video.

Once tamed, Amargasaurus is a valuable ally in Ark Lost Island. Players can use it to travel quickly or as an effective offensive option. The spikes can be fired from a long-range and their different modes can be effectively used to wear down enemies.

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