Ark Lost Island guide: How to tame Sinomacrops

Equipping the Sinomacrops (Image via Ark Lost Island)
Equipping the Sinomacrops (Image via Ark Lost Island)
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Ark Lost Island is the latest community expansion map introducing the Ark community to three new creatures. One of them is the Sinomacrops which allows the players to "glide into battle with Sinomacrops at" their back. Taming these little creatures lets players "soar away from trouble."


Lost Island has several creatures on the map that players can tame and control. They can serve several purposes like riding, carrying items, hunting and harvesting, attacking and defending and storage and resource production. There are a number of ways to tame a creature in the game.

What do players need to do to tame the Sinomacrops in Ark Lost Island

According to Helena Walker, the new addition to the Ark creature collection, Sinomacrops, are "friendly and curious little pterosaurs." They are curious and friendly and will approach and investigate unfamiliar creatures but get spooked easily.

Gliding with the Sinomacrops (Image via Ark Lost Island)
Gliding with the Sinomacrops (Image via Ark Lost Island)

Sinomacrops are passive and will scamper away if the player sprints near them, except when they have chitin armor equipped. In terms of taming them, Walker states to "just feed them without scaring them." The dossier mentions:

"Once tamed, they absolutely love travelling with their humans, and prefer to cling to them whenever possible. Not only are they sociable, but they're fiercely protective once bonded. Any small creature approaching someone with a tame Sinomacrops will be met with its flashing eyespots and piercing shriek."

Players can follow these steps to tame the creature:

  • Equip Chitin in the hotbar, approach the Sinomacrop and feed it.
  • The creature will fly away after feeding. The player can track it with the Taming Tracker HUD.
  • Player will be able to see little hearts floating around the creature. It will come back to the player and they can feed it again.
  • Repeat the process till the Sinomacrop is tamed.
Meet Sinomacrops -- a feisty flyer willing to frighten off featherweight foes for its friends!#playARK

Some tips that survivors can follow while dealing with Sinomacrops:

  • The creature scares easily, so players cannot sprint or jump near it.
  • They can only be tamed outside. According to the Ark wiki, structures like "Tent and any buildings within any buildable platform saddle/ unassembled TEK Hover Skiff" are considered indoor.
  • Wearing any part of the Chitin Armor will provoke the Sinomacrops to attack.
  • The wiki mentions that the taming process will need flat land for the reptile to land.

Sinomacrops are an excellent little addition to Ark Lost Island, as once tamed, players can equip the reptile. The creature can function both as a glider and as a parachute and can deftly navigate. After being tamed, Sinomacrops will only feed on Chitin.

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