How to get sulfur in Ark Lost Island

Sulfur in Ark Lost Island (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sulfur in Ark Lost Island (Image via Sportskeeda)

Gathering resources are an integral part of Ark Lost Island's gameplay in order to survive the harsh environment of the latest expansion map. The resources act as ingredients to build the required equipment. Sulfur is one such useful resource in the game.


The yellow material is an uncommon resource that helps in the building of three items - Flamethrower, Preserving Salt and Propellant. Sulfur is also used to tame Rock Elementals and is also eaten by the Phoenix in Scorched Earth DLC once it is tamed.

Where can players find sulfur in Ark Lost Island?

Sulfur can be gathered through mining small yellow-colored rocks found scattered all around Ark Lost Island. The resource can also be found by killing Rock Elementals, Wyverns and Magmasaurs. The Ark Wiki website provides coordinates for sulfur deposits in Lost Island.

The Resource Map of Ark Lost Island (Image via Ark Wiki)
The Resource Map of Ark Lost Island (Image via Ark Wiki)

According to the map, these locations are as follows:

  • lat 24.21, lon 69.45
  • lat 25.09, lon 62.20
  • lat 25.90, lon 59.74
  • lat 27.68, lon 59.80
  • lat 83.63, lon 70.92
  • lat 86.04, lon 71.69
  • lat 87.56, lon 64.99
  • lat 90.04, lon 64.37
  • lat 91.76, lon 71.17
  • lat 88.71, lon 83.25
  • lat 89.48, lon 82.07
  • lat 88.05, lon 47.46
  • lat 89.36, lon 36.05
  • lat 90.54, lon 34.39
  • lat 91.36, lon 34.60
  • lat 91.77, lon 31.70

As one can see, most of the locations for the sulfur deposits are on the lower part of the map. YouTuber BEYPlaysGames also provides a number of locations where players can find sulfur.


They are as follows:

  • lat 22.8, lon 61.7
  • lat 24.1, lon 59.7
  • lat 25.4, lon 59.5
  • lat 79.4, lon 69.7
  • lat 81.8, lon 70.7
  • lat 87.1, lon 69.9
  • lat 85.4, lon 63.7
  • lat 84.7, lon 63.7
  • lat 83.4, lon 49.0
  • lat 84.5, lon 38.4 - Cave entrance
  • lat 85.7, lon 36.6 - Cave entrance
  • lat 87.2, lon 34.4

The YouTuber explains that with the new update, Magmasaur babies can be fed sulfur. Further, the aforementioned locations do not include the volcano or the desert artifact caves, as the player "will have to fight an army to get to those and still have to carry it all out of there."

Ark Lost Island is a non-canonical community expansion that brings "150 square kilometers of new biomes, new challenges, and mysterious ruins." Players also get acquainted with three new creatures in this map.

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