Armored Core 6 update 1.05 build guide: Best new weapons, frame parts, and more 

Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6's latest update adds new weapons and frame parts to the game (Image via FromSoftware, Sportskeeda)

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon's recent title update added new frame parts and weapons, expanding the already vast customization and build crafting system. The newly added components are mostly geared toward a lightweight mech build, but they can be repurposed into roughly any other playstyle with some tweaks.

The new frame parts and weapons are available right from the start, regardless of players' campaign progression. However, you'll need to grind a bit for money to get your hands on these mech parts. The best way to access them is to grind the late-game missions, which give the highest payout.

Once you get the new parts, you're all set to create some of the most overpowered builds in the game. Here's a comprehensive guide on one of the best PvE/ PvP builds using the newly added mech parts in Armored Core 6 update 1.05.

Note: Aspects of this article are subjective and reflect the author's opinions.

Best Lightweight-Tetrapod build in Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon update 1.05

The new parts included with the latest Armored Core 6 update are extremely lightweight and EN-efficient despite lacking AP and stability. However, if you're looking for good lightweight build parts that can also support a few heavy kinetic weapons without moving into the over-encumbered territory, the new LAMMERGEIER parts should serve you quite well.


In addition to the frame parts, the weapons included with the update 1.05 are quite effective, especially due to their lower weight and higher ammunition capacity. Note that using the new weapons in a Tank or a Reverse-Joint build is not recommended, partly due to their lower base damage as well as the higher EN cost.

However, for fans of lightweight mechs, I came up with a build using the new frame parts and weapons called the "Lightning Spider," which works quite well in PvE and PvP scenarios. Here's a breakdown of all the parts and expansions used in the Lightning Spider build in Armored Core 6 update 1.05:

Frame parts


Weapon parts

  • PFAU/66D
  • VE-60SNA

Inner parts

  • BST-G2/P06SPD
  • VE-21A
  • IB-C03G: NGI 000


  • Pulse Armor

I have been using the Lightning Spider build to grab the last few S-ranks. Outside of a select few encounters, i.e., CEL 240 and the battle against ALLMIND, this build is quite efficient in scoring S-rank and going through some of the toughest enemy and boss encounters fairly easily. It does take a bit of time getting used to, though.

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