ARMY lashes out against 39Daph for playing Cookie Run Kingdom while at a BTS concert

39daph goes head-to-head with BTS stans following the upload of a 10-second video (Image via Instagram/39daph and Twitter/bts_bighit)
39daph goes head-to-head with BTS stans following the upload of a 10-second video (Image via Instagram/39daph and Twitter/bts_bighit)
Vibha Hegde

Daphne "39daph"'s battle against K-pop stans seems never-ending, as the content creator has inadvertently managed to invoke the wrath of ARMYs this time.

The Twitch streamer was on the receiving end of vitriol after a friend of hers posted a ten-second clip of her playing Cookie Run Kingdom while the two were at BTS' Los Angeles concert for the group's Permission to Dance On Stage tour.

ARMY tells 39daph to "blame Jae (of DAY6)" for hate wave

Daphne "39daph" is no stranger to battling with the K-pop side of Twitter and today reignited a fuel that had somewhat subsided over the past few months. She visited BTS' latest Los Angeles concert date, which is part of their first offline tour after COVID restrictions were relaxed.


It all went downhill, however, after 39daph's friend Amy "saysoamy" posted a ten-second video in which the former was playing Cookie Run Kingdom, a mobile gacha game, during the concert.

The clip was seemingly meant to be harmless but after Jae from K-pop band DAY6 replied to the tweet and it reached the K-pop side of Twitter, many fans of BTS felt disgruntled.

Tons of ARMYs began flooding the replies to the original tweet, accusing Daphne of being disrespectful or being a "pick me" girl for uploading the video. Many poked fun at her, stating that she "wasted her money" on going to a BTS concert when she could play games at home.

hey i know I upset some BTS fans with the video of me playing cookie run for 10 seconds on bad connection, unfortunately I couldnt play any longer than that but the VIP guest booth tickets were free! no money was wasted, it was all good. ๐Ÿ˜‹ (afaik those tickets arent sold)

After loads of replies poured in, Daphne tweeted out to her account to clarify that she was given free tickets and hadn't purchased them. On top of that, she reportedly had only played for less than a minute.

Several ARMYs argued that she could have given her tickets away if she did not want to be there. However, according to the concert rules, VIP tickets are non-transferrable and the seat would have stayed empty.

Soon after making the tweet, she clarified that she did enjoy the concert and left early to beat traffic. However, that didn't seem enough for many as she continued to be on the receiving end of the backlash.

@bangtansomega @hansanze I don't blame jae, his community is super wholesome & good at taking jokes and playing along. they're a good bunch

At one point, someone mentioned that she should "blame" DAY6 Jae for replying to the initial tweet as he supposedly brought attention to it. However, 39daph came to his defense immediately.

39daph has year-long beef with K-pop stans. In November 2020, she expressed that she personally felt Blackpink's music was "the same EDM trash" which caused BLINKs (fans of Blackpink) to rush her mentions and leave spiteful messages.

The hate wave seems to be going strong, but Daphne started up her daily livestream soon after making the tweets and restricted chatter, enabling a drama-free time for her and viewers.

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